At the dawn of a new season, you might want to refresh your wardrobe from both a practical and style perspective to keep up with the changing weather. In spring, everyone is usually focused on lighter jackets and other apparel, but there are definitely spring-friendly footwear options you should try out and rock throughout this warm season. If you like comfort, performance and style, you’ll want to try at least one, if not all, of these spring sneaker trends. From classic picks to statement-making shoes, check out these six options along with the activewear apparel you need to create comfortable, sleek outfits all spring long.

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Classics Are Classic for a Reason

Some designs just seem to stand the test of time. While sneaker makers are always looking to raise the bar, some classic designs have remained essentially untouched for decades and that’s for a reason; the designers just got it right on the first attempt. Classic sneakers can add a touch of retro flair to any outfit and will never go out of style. From classic running shoes to basketball shoes, take a trip back in time with your footwear this spring and see how the world reacts.

Everyone Needs a Pair of White Shoes

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or where you stand on the kettlebell vs. dumbbell debate, you need a pair of white shoes to complete your spring outfits. Not only do they fit the fun and light springtime vibes, but they also go with practically everything. Jeans? Yes. Black athletic leggings? Absolutely. Those shorts you’ve been dying to break out? Of course. Having a pair of versatile kicks will make getting ready less of an internal debate and provides peace of mind knowing you made the right pick. White shoes, whether leather, canvas or a different material, will go with practically any outfit. Pick a style that goes well with your everyday attire and they’ll be your favorite all season long.

Tear Up the Pavement in Basketball Shoes 

Basketball shoes can help you get a grip and perform at your best on the court, but they also look pretty great out on the streets too. If you’ve followed sneaker culture for any amount of time, you likely know that basketball shoes play a significant role in the movement. From high-tops to low-tops, retro-inspired to modern signature kicks, every sneakerhead or active person needs a pair of basketball shoes to elevate their look and tear up the streets.

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Pick Up an Easy Pair of Slip-Ons

Everyone needs a pair of kicks that are simple, versatile and endlessly comfortable. A pair of slip-on sneakers offers a streamlined, minimalist look that is just as effortless to wear as it is to pair them with your outfit. There are tons of classic slip-on sneaker options out there in addition to modern solutions. The best sneaker brands will offer slip-on versions of their classic shoes for added convenience and improved comfort.

Try Something Out of the Ordinary

Some shoes blend in or elevate an outfit; others make a statement and are hard not to notice. We all need at least one out-of-the-ordinary pair of sneakers for those days we want to draw as much attention as possible. You really can’t go wrong with anything here as long as “Wow, now those are some sneakers” is the first thing that goes through your head. Black shoes, triple-white shoes or dynamic pink, the choice is yours. Whether you’re out for the night or just want to impress your friends when they come over, make sure you have a pair of statement-making, show-stopping athletic sneakers for the season.  

Have a Dedicated Pair of Walking Shoes

You probably have a pair of every day, grab-and-go shoes but have you ever explored specialized walking shoes? They’re designed to do one thing and that one thing really, really well: walking. Walking shoes from brands such as Reebok, for example, feature innovative comfort technology to provide a cushioning effect with every step you take. Pick up a pair of white shoes designed for walking to go with all of your spring outfits and to make hitting your 10,000 daily steps a breeze.  

Complete Your Activewear Look with These 3 Essentials

Sometimes we want our sneakers to steal the show and draw all of the attention, but other times they can be more like complementing elements of your overall outfit. To pair with your brand new, on-trend sneakers, check out these spring activewear essentials.

Athletic Leggings with Flashy Graphics

Some days might feel like shorts season, but on other spring days it can be chilly. If you’re looking for something stylish, comfortable and warm enough to make it from morning to night, try a pair of premium athletic leggings with a fresh and stylish graphic printed all over. While black athletic leggings will always have their place as the versatile, do-it-all, all day every day bottoms, graphic leggings can help you show off a little more of your unique style. See if your favorite athletic brand has any in a style you love.

Retro Oversized Hoodies for Cooler Days

Sometimes bigger is better. That sentiment extends to hoodies this season. Retro-inspired oversized hoodies are in and will be the perfect way to stay warm on those chilly spring mornings. Don’t take “oversized” to mean super baggy and ridiculous looking either. These hoodies are designed to help you incorporate more volume and shape into your outfit without going overboard. They will also pair nicely with your graphic leggings and fresh kicks. From the gym to your comfy days at home, this is the outerwear pick of the season.

T-Shirts and Tank Tops Made From Performance Fabric

An area that people seem to miss when rocking the athleisure look is the material that pieces are made from. While you could pair your leggings and hoodies with a regular T-shirt, why not incorporate a bit more comfort into the look? When the afternoon sun starts to heat up, you’ll love that your custom dri fit tee is made from a performance sweat-wicking fabric. This way, you can look good with a seamless fit, plus you get the added cooling benefits of this premium performance fabric.

Putting It All Together

Rocking the latest activewear and sneaker trends is about balancing sleek style with maximum comfort. There isn’t a right or a wrong way to wear the trend so long as you feel free, comfortable and love the way you look. Shop with iconic performance brands like Reebok, for example, for a wide selection of athletic apparel for spring and summer.  

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About Reebok

For decades, Reebok has represented the intersection of performance and style, with a selection of apparel and footwear trusted by athletes everywhere. From professionals to everyday athletes, Reebok is the brand of choice for many. If you’re into retro-inspired style with modern performance features, you’ll love Reebok. They have an extensive catalog of vintage designs to choose from that have proven to stand the test of time. From head to toe, Reebok has you covered. Shop the brand for performance hats, gym shorts, womens workout leggings and a wide variety of other workout clothes for women and men. Reebok also offers footwear to help support any workout routine, including cross training shoes, mens walking shoes, running shoes and much more. Whether you’re looking for white shoes for cross training or rainbow pride shoes, Reebok is here for you.

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