For those who are allergic to dogs, it can be heartbreaking. You spend years yearning to have a furry friend, but find out you’re allergic. You may not even be heavily allergic, they may just give you a slight sniffle, but it still sucks! 

However, it is not the end of the world because hypoallergenic dogs are a real thing, and they are much loved. Some of these dogs may actually surprise you as you may not think that they would be hypoallergenic. 

But there are many breeds like aussiedoodles, they’re hypoallergenic.

There is one breed that really takes the cake though. Sure, they’re all great but in terms of popularity there is a clear winner. 

But, we won’t let one dog breed have all the focus. 

Let’s inform you which is the most popular, and also give you our honorable mentions list too! 

Which Is The Most Popular Hypoallergenic Dog?

So, which is the most popular? We aren’t talking about the most hypoallergenic, but the hypoallergenic dog that is the most popular and that people just love the most. 

We are sure you have guessed it already.


Poodles are the obvious voice. They tend to be the go-to choice for many dog lovers, even those who do not seek them for their hypoallergenic qualities. 

They are also suitable for everyone because they have three sizes, toy poodles, miniature, and standard. So those who want a hypoallergenic dog can choose from these three sizes, and they can fit in a big home or an apartment. 

They are energetic dogs which are easy to train, which makes them ideal for a majority of families. They do not shed, but they do need a lot of grooming thanks to their fluffy, frizzy coats. 

So, ensure you take care of their fur.

Poodles mixes are also hypoallergenic for the most part, so this gives you even more choice. From cockapoo to saint berdoodles and even golden doodles. 

Other Popular Hypoallergenic Dogs 

These are not the only hypoallergenic dogs that are a popular choice for many. Here are some honorable mentions for other great hypoallergenic dogs, in case poodles just are not your taste.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is super cute and fluffy. They are great choices if you want a small, cute, hypoallergenic dog. Their coats are like clouds or marshmallows, and it catches the tiny amount of hair that does shed, so you won’t be finding it on your bed, couch or floor. 

Their size also means they are great for small homes or apartments, and they also require little exercise too, so they are perfect for staying in and cuddling while watching movies.


Havanese dogs are playful, affectionate, and gentle. They are a medium-sized breed of dog which makes them an ideal choice for families who have kids that may suffer from an allergy. 

They have thick and silk like coats which could be straight or curly, and since their fur is super light it doesn’t shed too easily either. However, their big cute puppy-dog eyes will melt your heart, and you just won’t be able to say no to them.

Portuguese Water Dog

These dogs are often recognized because of the popularity they gained due to Sunny, the Obama’s dog during their time in the White House. 

They are known to be great for families and are active family members. Easy to train, outdoorsy, and with dark and curly hair that just doesn’t shed, there is no real better choice for many families. 

In some ways they’re like poodles but cuter! 

Italian Greyhound

Some of us just don’t like fluffy dogs, we just want a four legged bestie to hang out with, and that’s okay. If this is the case, an Italian Greyhound might be the dog for you. They are thin-coated, and barely ever shed. 

Without all that extra fur that these other breeds have they are not well acclimatized, so do not do so great in cold climates. If you live in the Southern states though, they will do just fine most of the time! Maybe get them a blanket.


If you really like furry dogs, but don’t like furry dogs that fit in your purse, a Samoyed is perfect. They are just like small polar bears that need a trip to the barbers. 

They have beautiful sleek white coats, and they do shed, but there is no odor or dander, so for those with allergies this is like a godsend!