Beer is one of the most ancient alcoholic beverages in the world. People love it, it was invented before people were even literate, and it is definitely one of the most widely drunk alcoholic drinks on the planet. 

People are always after their favorite beer, on the hunt and getting hold of some puppers beer or whatever their favorite is. 

Beer is generally brewed from malt barley, but it can also be made from rice, wheat, or maize. It is a multiple stage process that converts starch into sugars and ferments them. 

Most beers are ales or lagers, but this will depend on what yeast is used as it ferments. Lager is made with yeast which will ferment at a lower temperature, whereas ale is made with yeast that ferments at a warmer temperature. This is what creates the foam. 

They can have different appearances and colors, aromas, strengths, ingredients, origins and more. There are many styles from pale ales, to pilsners, porters, wheat beers, stouts, bitters, stouts and so on. 

So, considering just how wide the spectrum of beers is, we have to wonder what countries in our vast world drink the most of it? 

Typically, the United Kingdom has a reputation for being very boozy, especially to its European cousins. America is also considered to really love beer. However, the statistics may actually shock you, because the UK and America may not actually love beer as much as others do! 

Who Drinks The Most Beer?

Luckily for us, there have been plenty of studies into finding out which country drinks the most beer. Studies have been extensively done by brewers, and it’s no surprise, they want to know who their main audience is. 

It might be surprising to know that out of the whole planet the UK, U.S., and even Germany are not the most beer-loving country, even with their reputations for loving beer! 

No, the country that drinks the most beer is actually…


When we think about this it is not as surprising as you may think. China has the largest population in the world, so it is only logical that they would be the ones drinking the most beer, as there are just more of them to enjoy the tasty beverage. 

But, this could be seen as biased, because there are more people in China who drink beer, so what if we looked at how many people drink beer per capita? That makes more sense, right? 

When we look at these stats, the winner is no longer China. It is instead Czech Republic! 

So the places we expected are still not winning. 

With both of these stats, let’s look at the top countries that drink beer! 

The Top 5 Countries Who Drink The Most Beer By Gallons Consumed.

  1. China: China drank around 9,533411 Gallons of beer back in 2020. 
  2. United States: The U.S. drank around 6,367,867 Gallons of beer back in 2020.
  3. Brazil: Brazil drank 3,657,867 Gallons of beer back in 2020.
  4. Russia: Russia drank 2,284,032 Gallons of beer back in 2020.
  5. Mexico: Mexico drank 2,189,194 Gallons of beer back in 2020. 

The U.S. came in second place. So, perhaps we are as boozy as we thought. However, what about our other two expectations? Well, Germany and the U.K. did not make the top 5, but they did make the top 10. Germany was in 6th place, having drank 2,146, 277 Gallons, and the U.K. came in 8th with 1,079,742 Gallons.

The Top 5 Countries Who Drink The Most Beer Per Capita

But, what if we look per capita? Brazil, China, and Russia are all massive countries, but their population varies widely. 

So, if we instead look at the liters of beer consumed per person, it will actually give us a better idea of who is truly the most beer loving country of them all! 

  1. Czech Republic: People in Czech will drink around 181.7 liters of beer each per year. 
  2. Austria: People in Austria will drink around 96.9 liters of beer each per year. 
  3. Poland: People in Poland will drink around 96 liters of beer each per year. 
  4. Romania: people in Romania will drink around 95 liters of beer each per year.
  5. Germany: People in Germany will drink around 92.5 liters of beer each per year. 

So it turns out that the top countries for beer enthusiasm were not expected. But at least they know their beers!