Dogs are incredibly charming creatures who have a big place in many of our hearts. They can make the perfect companion to a range of families and homes. Consider adding a working dog to your home if your lifestyle and routine matches up with some requirements of each breed. 

There are many dog breeds that differ in terms of temperament, size range, and physical characteristics. These were originally chosen intentionally so that specific breeds could be used for certain jobs. From herding animals to search-and-rescue, these are five excellent working dog breeds that will fit in with a surprising number of families. 

Border Collie

Known for their herding abilities, border collies are excellent workers for many reasons. They have very high levels of intelligence, which allows them to learn quickly and even respond to certain command words. 

Because they were originally bred for herding sheep and cattle, border collies make great companions that are full of energy. These wonderful creatures are agile and obedient, as well as energetic. 

Border collies love having jobs that they can do, and it can be fun to see how many activities they are able to do around the house. Consider a border collie for a companion if you are someone who spends a lot of time outdoors being physically active, or surrounded by other animals. 


Originally bred for use in colder climates, huskies are wonderful creatures that are fiercely loyal companions. They possess an impressive endurance, which originally allowed them to carry heavy loads over long distances in temperatures below freezing. 

Because of this, huskies love pulling any kind of dogsled mechanism. They enjoy working together, so a husky would be a great companion to another dog, or to get two. If you are thinking about getting a husky, remember that the warmer temperatures mean that they shed their winter coats excessively. 

Huskies have been used in combination with other working dogs to create mix breeds. Some of these possess interesting characteristics, and it is worth learning more about them at


The doberman is widely known for its enormous scale and guarding abilities. However, these creatures are nothing but gentle giants with hearts of gold. It is important to train a doberman correctly in order to avoid the aggression that they are often associated with. 

They can be incredibly affectionate additions to any family with effective training techniques, and it could be worth giving them a chance. As long as a doberman is trained correctly, they are very sweet animals that love the company of humans. 

When it comes to interacting with dobermans, the main thing to be aware of is their large size. Male dobermans can reach 72 km tall, which is taller than some small horses. Because of this, it is critical that you are able to control a doberman when they are puppies. They are only going to grow into larger dogs. 


Another affectionate working dog breed is the boxer. Their strong protective instinct comes from the fact that they were originally bred for guarding and hunting. These dogs are less aggressive, and can be playful in the right environment. 

Make sure that your boxer is getting plenty of exercise so that they can maintain their strong form that they are so commonly associated with. Boxers are also known for being highly intelligent, and they are great family dogs when they have been trained correctly. 

Boxers have a very negative reputation for being overly aggressive and dangerous. The truth of the matter is that they are gentle creatures that need a little nurturing, just like other dog breeds. 

Labrador Retriever

Finally, Labrador retrievers weren’t originally bred to be working dogs. However, their high obedience and friendliness makes them perfect service dogs. Not only that, but they are excellent for search-and-rescue, service, police work, and as therapy dogs. 

Labrador retrievers are wonderful workers and love having a job to do. They can carry fragile items in their mouths without damaging them, and love getting rewarded with treats and affection once they have done a good job. 

There are many dog breeds out there that differ in terms of the purpose they were originally bred for, their current purpose, and their size range.

They also need to have a good temperament in order to become good companions and additions to any family. As long as their instincts and tendencies are handled with appropriate training, a working dog can be a highly dutiful new companion.