Bring your home with you wherever you want: special pajamas by Sleeper that you will use anytime, anywhere

The most important problem for women when it comes to holidays or business meetings and corporate events is choosing the most beautiful set of clothes from all that has accumulated in her closet for many, many years. According to statistics, most people in the world (both men and women) are very happy that the conditions for women to wear clothes were relaxed many years ago.

Now women don’t have to wear incredibly long dresses with tight (and unhealthy!) corsets. The choice is completely free and even attention-provoking or revealing clothes are no longer something forbidden or strange.

Truly beautiful costumes are designed to draw attention to the woman and make her feel proud of herself and her choice of the costumes. As a person who has spent so many years of his life studying clothing models and their influence on all people around them, as well as the price-quality ratio, I can definitely understand which costumes and clothing models are worth your attention and which are not. That is why the Sleeper label was able to incredibly surprise me and I can call their idea with pajamas truly amazing, and their linen pajamas are a masterpiece of the fashion world.

Here are some examples of such pajamas on that caught my attention:

  • Linen pajamas
  • Lavender pajamas
  • Pajamas with feathers

Origins of sleeper

In 2014 in Ukraine, two genius women, Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa created their own company called Sleeper, which aims to bring home clothing and its varieties to crowded places or your workplace. Pajamas made of linen are so light and comfortable that you will always feel comfortable anywhere, but we must not forget that their appearance is striking in its beauty, so you will be proud of your sense of style when your colleagues see you.

It is also very important to point out that each set of clothes is made to order by the most experienced professionals and therefore any person will be surprised with the quality of their mid-luxury kind clothes. But pajamas by Sleeper proved that it can!

The main feature of the cute pajamas set by Sleeper

Minimalism has become a distinctive feature of the style of Sleeper branded products. The lack of detail made things simpler, but more suitable for the home. In many respects, the successful debut was facilitated by the previous experience of Asya, who worked as the editor of a fashion magazine. She always wanted to create something of her own, and after meeting Kate, she realized that her dream could come true. This girl also had a job with a fashion magazine. She also wanted to be engaged in the creation of something necessary and useful.

The main principle of the brand’s work is that a woman remains in her comfort zone even if she leaves the bedroom in her cute pajamas set by Sleeper. After a while, the assortment was replenished with dresses. They were sewn according to the same principle as pajamas, they were also distinguished by minimalist design and high-quality materials and tailoring.

Process of sewing

Today, the Sleeper brand team isn’t big or small, but it should be said that it includes real professionals in their field. When sewing branded products, preference is mainly given to manual work, which allows you to significantly raise the level of quality. Each stage of production is under strict control, starting from sketches. 

The models may change slightly in the process, but there are usually no big differences from This is because the products themselves are conceived to be laconic, so it is difficult to make special changes to them. Every seam of stitching is always neat. Since clothes are designed for comfort, a lot of attention is also paid to the selection of threads.

  1. Basically, preference is given to natural materials, to which a small percentage of synthetic fibers is added. But they are necessary so that the product can keep its shape for a long time and not deteriorate as a result of washing.
  2. For the manufacture of pajamas by Sleeper, cotton is most often used. This material is very soft and pleasant to the skin. If there are buttons on the pajamas, then they are made of nacre.

Shops and collections

Today the company sells its products in several brand stores and also has its own online store. This makes branded products more accessible to more people.

Recently, the brand has started producing not only basic collections but also capsule ones. One of them is the line of wedding dresses. They have fairly simple lines and a modest design, but the right material compensates for all this and, as a result, the dresses still look very luxurious. They make a woman’s figure more refined and fragile, giving her a feminine appearance.

Such products are created using special techniques. Usually, only one master works on one dress. He needs to spend about 12 hours, and sometimes more, to completely complete the work on him. Often, dresses can be complemented with neat embroidery, which is also done by hand.

After that, a collection for lovers was released. It included things that were distinguished by beautiful and original prints. They were all the same comfortable pajamas but made in a more romantic style.

The main plus of this brand is that it finally allows women to solve their eternal question, which tormented the female sex for a very long time, namely: “What should I wear?” Luckily for all of us, Sleeper makes kits from a wide variety of materials, so they really have something for every event under the sun – or, in this case, the moon. And if you want to sleep, just go to bed and go to sleep.


Today Sleeper is a young brand that comes up with something new every day. But it has already managed to take a leading position in the World market among different pajama companies with their own boring decisions, which are convenient only for sleep. Yes, there are many firms, but only a few produce products that really deserve attention. Its clothes are popular outside Ukraine as well, residents of the whole world have already appreciated the branded clothes at their true worth. This is one of those brands that truly care about their customers.