It can be quite daunting when you want to learn a new language but do not how to go about it. Generally, English native speakers, tend to not make efforts to learn a foreign language for they already know the world’s lingua franca. Other people may abstain from it because they can’t find enough time or motivation for it, or are simply lazy. Yet, knowing a language other than your own can open so many doors. Amidst a busy schedule, trying to learn a new language may seem barely possible, but with the right guidance, it would not be much of a hassle.

Your life can change for the better when you know a foreign language. It can help you in so many ways- career opportunities, character development, and relationships, etc. Mentioned below are nine amazing hacks to make learning a foreign language an easy lifestyle.

Ways to Make Language Learning Effortless

Optimize your time.

Using time effectively is the first step towards learning something. When you set aside time to brush up on something that you know a little about already or something you are starting to learn, you can better focus on your goals. The time in your day when you are not doing some heavy energy-draining work can be used as a perfect opportunity to learn a new language. 

Use apps.

Technology can make any work simple within no time. Learning apps provide you with the flexibility to learn and practice from anywhere. Whether you are commuting to work in your car or any public transport or during a lunch break in your office, you can use several apps to practice your language skills. Consistency is the key – the more often you practice, the better you will become – even if you use the apps for a small amount of time. 

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Watch TV series.

Watching TV shows can enhance your vocabulary and also help in pronunciation in a brand-new language that you are interested to learn. This is as easy as it gets. All you have to do is sit back and relax on your couch while viewing a TV show in the foreign language of your choice. You can also watch your chosen content with subtitles for easier comprehension.

 Listen to podcasts.

Listening to some audio, music or a podcast is perfect for when you are traveling or at work. To read books is to improve your vocabulary manyfold, but when you listen to audiobooks or podcasts it also helps to enhance pronunciation. You can listen to an audiobook anywhere and anytime. There is a wide range of apps providing books in audio form for absolutely free.

Watch news.

Whether you like to read or watch the news, you can significantly improve your language skills. By watching the news in a foreign language, apart from learning the language better, you also get to know about the culture and the important issues of the country that speaks that language. Being able to educate yourself about current affairs while learning a language that you always wanted to learn is a great way of hitting two birds with one stone.

Practice with others.

Practicing a new language with friends and family is a great way to keep up with your goals. Needless to say, this also makes the whole process exciting and fun. Learning with others assists in identifying the key mistakes and boosting your communication skills. Also, when you share what you have learned with other people, it encourages them to try it out as well. For instance, if you want to learn French, taking French classes is a great way to get started, improve verbal skills and reach proficiency level C1.

Pay attention to similarities.

It is recommended that one efficiently uses their existing knowledge to learn a new language better, for there are a plethora of words to learn in any brand-new language. It also helps you save time. There are similarities and links between languages that you can use to your benefit, instead of learning completely new words from scratch. 

Minimize distractions.

Social media has become one of the main distractions these days. It can easily hinder your ability to learn something new. It can also take away your valuable time, which you can otherwise use to complete your tasks related to learning a foreign language. Therefore, one is supposed to reduce these distractions to focus better on their goals. You can choose to turn on notifications only for the language learning apps on your phone. 

Tracking progress.

One of the best ways to keep yourself focused on your aim of learning a new language is to keep a track of the progress you have made since you started your journey. You can create notes or maintain journals about the new learnings you have had in your target language and the efforts you made. You can also make video or audio recordings of yourself practicing. Doing this will make you observe your progress in action and motivate you to keep improving.

Being able to speak multiple languages is always beneficial. Whether you are off to a new country for a holiday or work, knowing the language of the place you are going to can be useful in so many ways. With these incredible hacks, you can create a solid plan for learning any foreign language without any hassles. Don’t hesitate and start your learning journey right away!