When the weather warms up and the days get longer, you know that the festival season has arrived. The excitement is real, whether you’re headed to Coachella, trying to get elusive Tomorrowland tickets, or planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Burning Man.

Of course, no festival adventure is complete without the perfect outfit. Festival fashion requires attention to style and practicality. So, while that button-down romper might look cute, it won’t serve you well when you’re struggling to get out of it quickly in a tiny port-a-potty. If you want a one-piece look, opt for a bodysuit with button snaps at the crotch instead.

This guide to festival looks gives you all the info you need to look cute while staying comfy.

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10 Essential Festival Fashion Tips

Whether you’re attending your first festival or your fifteenth, the fashion tips below can help you prepare your outfit accordingly.

1. Conceptualize A Cohesive Style

Half the fun of a festival is the anticipation. Planning your outfit will help you get into the mood and amp up the excitement. Consider coming up with a concept or theme to guide your sartorial choices.

Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration and put together mood boards of looks you love. You can also check out social media posts and scope out what people wore to the festival you’re attending from previous years to get some ideas.

Some festivals may also have themes. For example, Tomorrowland themes have ranged from The Tree of Life to The Story of Planaxis (tiny snail). Joining others in adhering to a particular theme can boost that beloved sense of community that makes festivals so fun.

2. Do Not Be Afraid To Get Flashy

Festival fashion is anything but ‘normal.’ So, seize this opportunity to be bold when it comes to your style. Neon colors, sequins, feathers, faux fur, fringe, glitter, butterfly wings—pretty much anything goes at a festival.

If you want to bare some skin, feel free. Summer festivals, in particular, are renowned for skimpy outfits. This isn’t just a question of style but also of practicality. When the sun is shining and temperatures are rising, you don’t want to be weighed down by heavy clothes—especially if you plan to dance all day.

If you can’t find the items for your festival look in stores, consider making this a do-it-yourself project. You don’t have to be a sewing pro. You can add creative touches like feathers to your outfit using a hot glue gun. Or, if you want to get retro, break out a bedazzler.

3. Incorporate Hair And Makeup Into Your Look

Creating a festival fashion requires you to plan your look from head to toe. So don’t forget your hair and makeup. This is your chance to experiment with more ‘out there’ looks, like glitter eyeliner, face gems, fake tattoos, body glitter, and more.

That said, keep practicalities in mind. For example, if you’re going to be dancing and sweating in the summer heat for hours at a time, would you want to put your hair down? An updo like a high ponytail will keep you relaxed and comfortable.

Similarly, when it comes to your makeup, keep in mind that you’ll most likely be sweaty. Make sure to top off your look with a top-quality setting spray. You don’t want your mascara running down your face in the first hour.

4. Want to Show Some Skin With Confidence? Pasties Are Your Friend

Whatever you decide to wear to a festival, you’d want to be comfortable and confident. You don’t have to be frightened about the possibility of a Janet Jackson-style wardrobe malfunction, keeping you from having a good time. If you’re stressed about keeping private areas covered, invest in high-quality pasties.

These no-show nipple covers will allow you to dance and jump with zero inhibitions. You can choose from different shades according to your outfit or skin tone. In addition, well-crafted nipple covers can be reused multiple times, keeping you covered even for a multi-day festival event.

5. Treat Your Bag As An Essential Part of Your Look

A bag is a critical part of any festival outfit. You can carry essentials like your phone, money, ID, and makeup with you wherever you go. Ideally, opt for a hands-free bag like a fanny pack, crossbody bag, or small backpack, leaving your hands open for holding drinks and more.

Also, make sure the bag has a secure closure. While it’s an unpleasant thought, some people do experience having their things stolen at festivals. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so steer clear of bags with non-secure openings and opt for bags with zippers.

Practicalities aside, you don’t have to settle for a boring bag that ruins the rest of your outfit. Instead, you can find cute backpacks, crossbody bags, and fanny packs in all kinds of styles and colors, featuring everything from animal print to rhinestones.

6. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

A bag is just one of the accessories you can incorporate into your outfit. Consider other add-ons, like necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. Then again, a festival is your chance to go for more zany items like a woven anklet, body harnesses, crowns, halos, shoulder pads, or body chains.

Your accessories can also be useful. Suppose you’re going to a daytime festival and anticipating long hours in the sun. In that case, oversized sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat will help you keep those damaging ultraviolet rays off your face.

In general, it’s probably best to keep your fancy gems at home. Instead, opt for fun and bright accessories that don’t break the bank. A hard-partying festival can get pretty wild, and you don’t want to risk losing a valuable piece of jewelry while you’re there.

7. Keep the Weather In Mind As You Style Your Outfit

Ideally, you’ll have dry, sunny, and warm weather for your festival. But there’s no guarantee that you’ll be enjoying a perfect climate. So, prepare yourself for the reality of the situation when planning your outfit.

If there’s a chance of rain, consider packing a rain slicker to stay dry. If you want to make sure you can show off your festival fashion, opt for a clear plastic slicker so everyone can still see your awesome look underneath.

Rain boots or otherwise waterproof footwear can also be a big boon in case of storms. Nothing can ruin a festival mood faster than wet feet! Pack some extra socks in case you need to swap for a dry pair mid-festival.

8. Prioritize Comfort When It Comes to Footwear

Waterproofing is just one consideration when it comes to selecting festival footwear. Attending a festival means hours on your feet, walking, dancing, and socializing with the people around you. Make sure that the shoes you pick are comfortable and worn-in to avoid potential blisters (but it’s good to pack bandaids, just in case).

While it can be tempting to go for crazy shoes like platform heels, stilettos, and thigh-high boots, consider whether the look is worth the potential discomfort. Dancing while wearing heels on grass might not be that fun. Choose flat shoes when possible.

Some people solve the problem of uncomfortable footwear by going barefoot. However, you don’t want to risk an injury stepping on a rock, broken glass, or other debris at the festival. Find a comfy yet stylish pair of shoes that work with your outfit—and keep them on at all times.

9. Prepare For Multi-Day Events Accordingly

Some festivals last only for a day, while others span multiple days. If you’re lucky enough to attend a multi-day event, plan accordingly. For example, do you want to rock the same style every day, or do you want to take advantage of the opportunity to try out different crazy outfits?

Also, don’t forget the aspects of being away from home for multiple days when packing your bags. You’ll want more than one pair of socks and underwear to get by. Don’t let these basics fall through the cracks just because you’re too excited and focused on your fun festival fashion.

10. Have Fun With It

A final word of caution: Double-check festival guidelines before choosing your final look. There may be restrictions on the items you can bring onsite. If your look is ninja-inspired and you arrive with nunchucks as an accessory, don’t be surprised if security confiscates your ‘weapon’ at the entrance!

Beyond basic safety requirements, pretty much everything goes. When it comes to festival fashion, it’s all about having fun. Don’t feel obliged to conform to any norm or tailor your look according to what other people wear. This is your chance to experiment with your style in a no-judgment zone.

For example, if you’ve always dreamed of wearing body paint, a free-spirited festival can be the perfect forum to try it out. You can rely on pasties to keep the most important parts covered, making you feel more confident. If you’re feeling shy, you can always bring extra clothes.

Dressing for festivals requires attention to both style and practicalities. If you want to make the most of your festival visit, put some effort into planning your outfit. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore style choices you don’t typically wear—with confidence.