Does your style feel a little blah? Maybe you need a little inspiration. Perhaps you’re paring down your wardrobe and want to leave room for the best basics. How can you ensure you keep the good stuff without having to do another purge down the line? We put together a list of five clothing pieces that will probably never go out of style.

Why Student Modeling is so Important

1. Cashmere Sweaters

A sweater that feels like you’re wearing a cloud? Everyone needs at least one in their lives. Cashmere is a timeless, warm, and luxuriously soft fabric. Plus, it doesn’t wrinkle, so it’s bound to look good no matter how you wear it. You can layer it over a dress, wear it alone with a midi skirt or pants, or experiment however you like.

2. Jeans

Every closet needs jeans—period. Denim is incredibly durable, and nowadays, you can find jeans in a wide range of styles. Best of all, you can throw on your jeans with any top, whether it’s a dressy blouse or a simple T-shirt. You can run errands, head into the office, or lounge around your space—jeans will always look great.

3. Little Black Dresses

The LBD is a staple for good reason. For one, it looks stunning for any occasion, whether it’s a long night out or a dinner party with close friends. All you need to do is dress it up with your go-to accessories. Regardless of the silhouette, you simply can’t go wrong with this gorgeous garment.

4. Leather Jackets

Leather jackets were huge in the early 1900s, and let’s face it, we still want to add a little edge to our outfits now. No matter what you’re wearing underneath, the jacket’s sleekness takes your look to a whole new level. However, if you want to keep your leather jacket in the best condition, you must care for it properly.

5. White Button-Ups

You may think these dress shirts will look stuffy, but the thing about white button-ups is that they’re super forgiving. They seamlessly fall into the formal business, business casual, and even casual attire categories. You can tuck them into your favorite pencil skirt or trousers, or you can leave the shirt untucked and style it as is.

Everybody wonders about the clothing pieces that will probably never go out of style—either because they need to update their wardrobes or appreciate what they already own. We hope our thoughts inspire you to create chic, comfortable ensembles