We’re deep into 2022, and we’re walking in a season of the year when going out and about will not be followed by freezing or being too hot to even think about going out. The temperatures are ideal for fun around the city, which means preps are on the way for constructing the perfect persona of yourself.

Every season has its trends, and something else is big and influential in the fashion world every year. This year is one of the most extraordinary in the history of this planet, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the fashion trends. A significant part of the entire image you need to create for yourself is perfect nails. Some would go for nail wraps for more convenient and time-saving nail designs. But how long do nail wraps really last? Check out Polish Pops.

In this article, we’re talking more about the different fashion trends and nail trends. We will help you make your perfect choice, get the looks that suit you best and make a fashion statement. Follow up, and see what’s happening in the fashion world.

1. Greens in all shapes are in

Green nails are in this year, and it doesn’t matter what shape, style, or technique you will use. It’s essential to have them made in green because this is the color that will rock this year. You can go with the classic polish and make them glow in the sun, or try the modern and popular dip powder technique.

You may combine them with some additional art or leave them alone as they are. You don’t even have to think about your outfit and make sure that they match other clothes. Just paint them green, and see how everyone becomes stunned by how great they look.

2. Classic red glow

Red will never go out of fashion. Wearing a tight red dress with sparkling red nails is an image that everyone dreams about. If you’re hunting for a partner, you can never go wrong with these looks. Add some strong polish, make your nails glow, and make sure you get the right color that will match your dress.

Red nails are the best thing you can do for yourself, especially when you’re going out at night. Don’t add anything to them; leave them be as they are. Your red nails will be the entire message you’re giving to others, and that message is – I know how fab I am, and I know I can rule the world.

There’s something about the color red. Make sure the shade is the perfect one that matches your clothes. It makes people excited, and your looks will be outstanding when you combine your red nails with some spectacular outfits.

3. Marble-looking nails for special occasions

A fascinating trend this year is marble-looking nails. How are these made? They are created by nail stylists who are true artists in what they do. They will create the base in the color you love, green, for example, because it’s trending this year, and then paint the rest to look like a piece of marble over your nails.

These art forms look spectacular, and if you want to be trending, that’s what you should focus on. Of course, you don’t have to wear them like this all the time, but it will be interesting to go to a party and snap a few pics for your Instagram feed looking glam. Marble nails will go perfectly with evening and party dresses.  

4. Geeky art to make a statement

Geeky art nails are always in for those who love this style. It will never go out of fashion, but you need to be the kind of person to love it. Ask the stylist to create a version of your favorite video game or the cartoons you love watching. Anime, Hollywood, whatever you feel like will be excellent.

Combine them with your favorite clothes, and just wait for someone to notice them and ask you what’s that all about. It may be the perfect filter for finding interesting people and those you’d love communicating with. Don’t forget to post your nails on social media and see the responses. It may be the turning point for some of your contacts and make you feel loved when you see the comments.

5. Minimalistic approach

Minimalism has been the favorite style for many people for decades, not only for nails and fashion. Lately, it is losing its impact, but minimalism is still trending when nails are in question, which means you can feel free to add powder or polish on your freshly cut nails and enjoy perfection.

You don’t need anything else; choose your favorite color and enjoy the freedom of not having enormous nails that often get in the way. You don’t need a special glow either; just choose a simple white, transparent, or other ordinary colors, and be sure that you’re making the right choice.