Is there anything better than knowing there’s no chance to get pregnant and feel relaxed when having intercourse with men? Women’s sex drive depends on how they feel, rather than what they see, so knowing that nothing can go wrong can significantly raise their libido.

Contraception pills provide this for all women across the globe. Just one pill a day will keep you safe from getting pregnant. Still, it’s essential to know all details about contraceptives before using them.

In this article, we’re talking about contraceptive pills, their pros and cons, and some facts that everyone must know. Read on if you want to learn everything about them, and be prepared for the eventual consequences.

1. Chances of avoiding pregnancy are not 100%

You need to take the pill every day at the exact time to assure perfect protection. If you manage to do this, you’ll have only a 0.3% chance of getting pregnant. That’s super low, but that still means three women out of 1000 will get pregnant even though they are on the pill.

Additionally, if you fail to take the pill just one day, you drop the efficiency to 91%. If you forget about it more than once during the entire year, this percentage goes even lower. In other words, the pill protects you only if you’re entirely focused on it and manage to take it precisely every day at the same time and 365 days a year.

2. The pill has some outstanding health benefits

Regularly taking the pill means you’re altering the course of your body altogether. It affects everything. One of the best things that scientists noticed is that regularly consuming the pill for five years will reduce the chance of ovarian cancer by 20% and endometrial cancer by 30%. If you take it more than 15 years, both will rise to 50%.

It will additionally improve your mood and stabilize your hormones. This creates a feeling of calmness; your body produces less stress, which further affects all of your body’s internal organs, making you healthier and happier.

3. It also has some downsides

Aside from the benefits, there are also some downsides, and everyone must be aware of both the benefits and the risks. For example, there’s a higher chance of getting breast cancer if you take contraception pills, just as there is a risk for cervical cancer.

A less scary but still important fact is that these pills may cause post-pill acne on your face that may be a reason for you to feel devastated and lose self-confidence. Luckily, some creams and solutions will handle this issue, and this issue is way simpler to be solved than the problem with cancer.

4. You might need to search for the right pill until you find the one

There are many different types of contraception pills. Monophasic, biphasic, triphasic, combination, and Progestin-only pills are all available on the market. They all have a different chemical combination inside and will have a different effect on women consuming them.

They all have different doses of estrogen and progestin inside, and it is best to discuss this with your doctor before taking any of them. Professionals will know how different ones may affect you, and you may need to experiment a little on the subject before actually relying on them.

5. Young women use less contraception than older ones

Stats say that younger women are less likely to use contraception, although they are the ones that need to stay protected the most. Of course, if they don’t have intercourse, they don’t need to use them because of the original reason these pills were created.

On the other hand, older women realized that contraceptive pills have health benefits and will prevent unwanted pregnancies in stages of life where they can’t afford to be pregnant again. Around 62% of women in their twenties use birth control, while 74% of women over 40 do the same.

These five points thoroughly explain the benefits and downsides of contraception pills, and we also mentioned some interesting and valuable stats. If you’re thinking about using contraceptives, you need to know what you’re getting into. Never buy these pills just because you heard from a friend you won’t get pregnant while using them.

Consult a doctor and see what their opinion on the matter is. You know the facts by reading the content above, but you still need to rely on professional and doctor opinions. Contraception pills are serious drugs, and they will completely change how your body and mind works, so be aware of the benefits and consequences.