Scientists and tech experts have already warned us from becoming slaves of machines and robots. To a certain extent, this has already turned into reality. Our lives are surrounded by machines 24*7. From mobiles, laptops, fridge, televisions, ATMs, Air-condition, Fans, Washing Machine etc. We can go on for several hours but still, the list would not end. Today, we are on the verge of a mental pandemic due to excess involvement with technology rather than humans. Driverless cars are already running the road, in several restaurants robots are serving dishes. It has become a double-sided coin if you see. 

Why & How

The same goes for our health. We are almost getting addicted to pills for any problem. Pills are indeed necessary medications and helpful when taken under the supervision of a doctor. But a commonsense should also arise that after all the pills are chemicals that have little or more side effects on our body in the long run. For life-saving drugs, it makes sense that you can sustain side effects for the larger good. But for small problems like cough, cold and constipation people are taking pills. This is not good; it is creating an addiction towards tablets and their chemicals. 

There are natural methods for treating these minor ailments if we just take care of our daily habits seriously. Another such extensive use is of pills like Sildenafil Citrate 100mg or Cenforce 100 for Erectile Dysfunction or ED. Erectile Dysfunction is a condition where men suffer from a lack of penile erection. When an erection is not long-lasting you cannot expect satisfying sexual intercourse. This instils frustration, anger and hopelessness towards their partners being incapable of fulfilling their sexual fantasies.But what is the reason for not getting the desired erection? Smoking, excess use of alcohol, obesity, stress, anxiety, depression, injuries in the abdomen and many others are the reason behind Erectile Dysfunction.

Are not these reasons our own faults? So, instead of pills should we not concentrate on settling the core reason than just hiding the problem for a few hours? Yes, but still,most of us find it easier to take one pill of Vidalista 20 or Kamagra Oral Jelly and get a hard penis than to use the natural process. The natural one involves giving up the problem that led to ED. For example, if smoking caused ED in you, you must give up smoking. The erection will recover gradually to its normal levels without any pills required. But this will not take a few hours but weeks and multiple months. It requires mental strength, patience and self-discipline of a higher level. These pills provide a good erection for 4 to 5 hours. That’s it. On another occasion of sexual intercourse, you need to take the pill again. 

Thus, it is not the permanent solution to the problem. People find it hard to quit smoking than simply take Cenforce 200 or Kamagra Oral Jelly with a glass of water.But people fail to realise that the pills that they take without consulting a doctor are made of chemicals. And they are bound to show side effects, if not immediately then surely in the long run. Sometimes the side effects of such pills can cause skin infection, urinary tract infection, prolonged erection, swelling, mental illness etc.

What should be our next step?

We must as a society must be conscious about using pills and go for natural methods of cure to the last extent possible.For example, in case of inflammation, one can use ginger, garlic or Basil leaves (Tulsi). These are easily available in our kitchens and are scientifically proven to have anti-inflammatory properties. Pharmaceutical brands will keep advertising on TVs and social media about their list of products. But we must use our common sense and must not become slaves of medicines. For example, people are spending most of their time in front of laptops nowadays. Lack of physical activity and regular consumption of fast foods have resulted in blockage of stool in the intestines. In such situations, people use laxatives that contain chemicals to smoothen the walls of the intestines. Thus, excretion happens and the person is relieved. This again is short term solution because you are bound to suffer from constipation again and similarly use the laxative again.

But if you would have increased the intake of fibre-rich products and not consumed high-calorie items. If you would have involved yourself in physical activities like sports, jogging or running then you wouldn’t have suffered from constipation anymore. There would not be the need of consuming any laxatives. 

The Key Benefits of Herbal Extracts to Your Health

The way is clear to minimize the consumption of pills as far as possible. Take the example of Ayurveda, it shows the cure of every disorder but does not involve the use of any pills. Ayurveda emphasizes treating disorders by using natural products. So, one cannot say that natural products are not effective. One just needs to show the correct determination and will.