If you’re someone who enjoys the beautiful variety of colors that nail polish has to offer, you’ve probably wanted to search for the colors that look the best on you at some point.

It might seem tricky to know where to begin with this, but there are some helpful places you can look to find the nail color that compliments you best before getting a nail treatment. Learn some ways to choose the nail polish for you by reading below.

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Consider Your Skin Tone

To help you find a nail polish color that fits you, you first need to consider your skin tone. Whether it’s nails, clothes, or hair, colors can appear washed out or complement us based on our skin tone. For nail polish, this small list can help you get started.

  • Fair Skin – For those with a fair skin tone, try out some polishes in lighter shades. Some good suggestions are pastel colors, reds, purples, peach, and orange.
  • Medium/Olive Tone Skin – With this complexion, you’ll find that nearly almost all polishes will work with your look. Rust and gold nail polish are the only ones that may not compliment as well.
  • Dark Skin – Darker colored polishes compliment darker skin tones the best. These nails will pop with vibrant colors as opposed to lighter shades that will appear washed out.

Match With Your Makeup

Your makeup and nail color can have a significant effect on your look. You can match your nail colors with your makeup to give yourself a more put-together look. If your makeup is darker, you’re best to go with dark-colored nail polishes. The same goes for pale makeups and light-colored nails. You can also match by wearing nail colors that are the same as your lipstick.

Think About the Circumstances

One of the really fun ways to choose the right nail polish for you is to pick what fits with the season or an upcoming event you plan to attend. Start by looking at what colors commonly appear during this time of year; this is always a safe bet. Orange, browns, and reds look great in the fall, while green, red, and white fit the Christmas season. Additionally, if you want to wear a color that’s going to impress a first date, consider how different colors evoke certain emotions.

Look Into the Latest Trends

A final way to pick out the best nail colors for yourself is by looking at all the current trends. This can be great if you want some fresh, unique ideas. Look into what’s popular and what’s going out of style. This doesn’t mean you have to jump on a bandwagon of what everyone else’s doing; consider some unusual ideas as well. For instance, choosing what color best suits your zodiac sign can be a really fun idea to try. 

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