The first date is a very sensual experience. Women attach great importance to it, but they do not always do everything possible for a successful meeting and good pastime.

Clothing and overall appearance play a huge role at the first meeting with a person you want to attract. Even if you look great, this does not mean that you did everything right to the end. According to psychologists, on the first date, it is important not only to look well and smell good but also to wear the right color of clothes. So let’s consider how the color of your clothes affects the person you are talking to.


White is perfect for a first date with a very open and emotional person, as such people will be able to feel at ease. You should not wear white to a meeting with a conservative person. Basically, it’s a pretty versatile color that won’t get you in serious trouble on your first date.


Gray is the most versatile of all colors. It appeals to any male type. Therefore, put on something gray to provide yourself with a win-win outcome in any situation.


You can use black to create a favorable atmosphere for cheerful conversations. If a person is a great talker or loves to philosophize, then black is an ideal option for your first date. What is more, many psychological studies have confirmed that a woman in black looks self-confident, sexy, and smart. After all, black works like a mixture of all colors at once. It speaks of your mystery and attractiveness, elegance and style, and at the same time, brings a touch of danger and domineering to your image.


Red is the color of provocation. It is needed for dynamic dates. If a guy is one of those people who does not sit still, then you should choose red clothes to spark his interest. Also, this color excites the imagination. Red charms men, making its owner sexually and romantically attractive. Therefore, a red dress is the most obvious choice for the first date. There is a great number of men who engaged in Ukrainian dating and admitted that women look their best in red clothes.


If you want to arrange a cute and gentle date, then the yellow outfit will meet your expectations.


If you are going to arrange the most unusual first date, then the orange shade of clothing should help you and your potential boyfriend to focus on the non-standard situation and get used to it faster.


Any shade of green – from apple to olive – speaks of vitality, good health, and the desire to live. This is the color of youth, which indicates that you are a nice and kind person. It is a great color for making a positive impression on someone.


This is the color of intelligence, restraint, sincerity, and loyalty; it kind of says, “We need to get to know each other better.” If your partner appreciates intelligence and loyalty in a woman, then any shade of blue will be very useful on the first date.


It’s a decadent color. In the past, it was the personification of success and belonging to the royal family. In modern psychology, it is believed that purple color indicates romantic and shy natures. No wonder purple is a mixture of red and blue. It is more mysterious than red and more mystical than blue. If red speaks of undisguised passion, then purple brings a touch of romance to this passion.

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