When I was a young girl, I used to plan my outfits for date night. I dreamed of the dresses I would wear, and the compliments my future mystery man would give me as a result. I combed through magazine after magazine, drooling over all the possibilities, telling myself I’d go with this skirt and that top, those jeans and – oo! definitely the sweater on page nine. My research done, I was fully prepped for the occasion when my first date arrived. The outfit was perfect, the shoes were great – everything was coming together like a fairy tail. Then, my eyes landed on the hap hazardous tangle of necklaces, bangles, and rings atop my vanity, and I realised with horror my mistake: I had never considered the accessories.

Accessorising can be the key to taking a simplistic get-up to sophisticated and striking. A plain white tee and a pair of mum’s high waisted jean shorts are usually considered scruff, but throw on a patterned blazer, some chunky heels, a cuff and your fave pair of dangly earrings and you suddenly have a casual chic street style perfect for a dinner date. The right combination of accenting elements can take any garb grabbed from the back of your closet to the ‘next level’, giving your first impression that extra ‘umph’. These are some of the universally acknowledged go-to pieces that can really add emphasis to any look.

Layers of Love

With summer around the corner, t-shirts and tanks are topping the list of basic must-haves for many a woman looking to beat the heat. As the sun hides it’s face, and the night starts to kick in, that cool breeze blows through the streets, and our bare arms and legs begin to feel the chill. Taking along a simple suit jacket or a comfy cardigan can help protect us (and the mood) from dropping a few degrees.

The Angle of the Dangle

Our necks are, surprisingly, quite the erogenous zone. Sensitive and soft, they are often times overlooked as one of our most attractive body parts. Accenting its length and gentle curve is easily done with a great pair of dangling earrings.

Bangle Babe

As much as we women love to think men consciously notice our style choices, we must face the facts: they think they couldn’t care less. So even though going big and bold may seem like a fantastic fashion statement to us, to them it can often times seem a bit over-the-top. Keeping it simple is generally our best bet, so sticking to a few rose-gold bangles, or even an elegant metallic cuff can give us the stylish satisfaction we need and catch his attention in a not-too-showy way.

Best Foot Forward

At every bar, club, and boardwalk, one is likely to spot a barefoot babe swinging her stilettos at her side. We’ve all been there, sure, but I think we can agree it’s not the classiest of closers for a first night out with a new man. Expect to be doing a decent amount of walking and/or standing as the night goes on and plan accordingly. A chunky heel, wedge, or even sparkly white sneaker top the list of cute, comfy footwear that will have your feet feeling fine by the end of the night.