By Michele Smith
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The holiday season is upon us and it is the season for excess, from shopping to calories from all of the seasonal celebrations. There is a way to however to survive the holiday season, by eating healthy, enjoying every party and looking fabulous all at the same time. The following are a couple of diet tips and tricks that will not send you screaming after you step on the scale.

Tip #1 Stay Hydrated.
Not only will drinking water will help keep your skin looking healthy, drinking water will also help keep you full, so you will not eat as much. Also, try to drink water in between alcoholic beverages. This will also cut down on calories. Choose your beverages wisely. There are significantly less calories in a glass of wine vs. eggnog. Last, count 1-2-3 when you are pouring yourself a glass of wine to ensure you have a 5-ounce serving instead of accidently pouring a 10-ounce serving, which is double the calories.

Tip #2 Make Smart Choices.
Consider eating a light, healthy snack before attending a holiday party. This will help most people from raiding the hors devours table. Recent research confirms that most people will consume the largest quantity of food first, therefore it is smart to choose veggie appetizers over high-calorie dips or fried foods. The easiest thing to do here is to simply plan ahead.

Tip #3 Downsize Your Plate.
Research shows that when people choose larger plates they tend to fill them up, almost doubling the amount of calories consumed. Always choose a small appetizer plate/salad plate or even just stick to using a cocktail napkin.

Tip #4 Think Small and Eat Slow.
Taking smaller bites and eating slow will naturally result in eating less food. Studies show by taking nibbles, chewing your food longer and eating slower, will trick your brain into thinking you have actually eaten more food.

Tip #5 Wear Figure-Hugging Clothes and Keep Your Dominant Hand Busy. When most people wear tight clothes, they are typically more concerned with holding their stomach in, instead of eating. Also, keep a beverage in your dominant hand which will also help you not raid the appetizer table.

Tip #6 Chewing Gum is Your Friend.
Chances are if you are chewing gum, you are not going to be loading up on calories from the buffet. This additionally works well if you are hosting and are cooking for your party.

Tip #7 Do Not Skip Meals.
Always eat normally on the day of the party. People who tend to skip meals during the day of a party usually end up overeating at the event. Eating sensibly throughout the day will prevent you from eating everything in sight when you show up.

Tip #8 Focus on Fun and Games.
While there are not a lot of “outdoor” games during the winter holiday season, there are a lot of indoor activities from dancing to card games. By focusing on fun and games, you are not focusing on food.