Taking care of your teeth doesn’t only make you look and feel good, but it is also important for your health. Unhealthy teeth and gums can lead to painful cavities, swollen gums and eventually tooth loss. We all know the importance of practicing good oral hygiene, but there is one thing that you may not have considered, and that is how face masks may affect your teeth. As people start to wear masks more often due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dentists are starting to see more unhealthy mouths. Here, we will be taking a look at how to keep your teeth healthy when you have to wear a mask. 

Attend Regular Appointments 

The first thing you should be doing is attending your regular dentist appointments. Many dentists are taking the necessary steps to protect their patients and their staff during these uncertain times. You should speak to the reception of your dental practice to give you peace of mind, and if you feel comfortable, you should attend your regular dental appointments to ensure your mouth is healthy. Checkups and regular visits to your dental office Toronto professional, allow dentists to pick up issues before they become a major problem. 

Change Your Mask Often  

After wearing your mask for a whole day, there is a high chance that it won’t smell the best. It is also said that the longer you wear a mask, the less effective it will be, especially if it is an inexpensive, disposable face covering. Due to both of these issues associated with wearing a mask for a long period of time, you should make sure that you change or wash your face mask regularly. To help with the smell, you could use breath mints or spray essential oils (which offer health benefits) on the inside of your mask.  

Utilize Fluoride Products 

The best way to keep your mouth healthy is to brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes, floss twice a day, and to use mouthwash. The products you purchase to maintain good oral hygiene must contain fluoride and this claim is backed by dentists. Fluoride products will help to prevent sensitivity and will strengthen weak spots in your mouth. They will also prevent the early stages of tooth decay occurring, which can lead to gum disease and cavities, keeping your mouth healthy while wearing a mask. 

Pay Attention to Your Breath 

When you wear a face mask, you will most likely notice a bad smell after a while. Many people get worried about the smell of their breath, but the smell that you are experiencing is actually what is left after your breath. This carries more than air and evaporates from your mask, leaving the rest of it behind. As this builds up, the smell will worsen. If the smell isn’t too strong, you do not need to worry too much, as long as you are practicing good hygiene at home. If the smell is unbearable, it could be a sign of periodontitis

Use Masks to Your Benefit

Some need a hand to improve the appearance of their smile. It is common for people to have crooked teeth, but many will feel too embarrassed to do anything about them. While masks are mandatory in public, you should use them to your benefit and use this time to straighten your teeth. For example, invisible braces by Alignerco may be able to help. They are virtually invisible, and even more-so with a mask, so you will never have to be conscious about fixing your smile. When it comes to teeth straightening, these invisible aligners are a very comfortable and affordable option. There are many companies offering clear aligners, so it’s best to do your research by reading reviews before choosing one. One could also avail dental veneers to improve the appearance of their smile.

While adjusting to the new “normal,” constantly wearing a mask might make it a bit more difficult to keep your teeth healthy, however there are many ways to still take proper care of your teeth. Incorporating these habits into your daily routine won’t take too much time and effort and will go a long way in ensuring the overall health of your mouth.