By Jessica Sepel

 The way you end your day is just as important as how you start it.

I’ve noticed a lot of clients struggling to keep up their healthy habits in the evening, and it makes sense.

After a long day dealing with work, family and all your obligations, health can be the furthest thing from your mind!

It’s easy to turn to food, television and other numbing activities. It’s essential to unwind, and fine to watch your favourite show, but plonking yourself in front of the television for hours on end isn’t the healthiest thing in the world.

It makes you tired but wired – the exact opposite of what your body needs at that time of day.

That’s why it’s a good idea to establish a healthy nighttime routine in the lead-up to bed.

Not only will this help to reduce stress, but it will also set your body up for a quality sleep.

Here’s my nighttime routine – I think you will love to follow too!

– Prepare a wholesome dinner at home. Think simple: protein and greens. Try one of my easy One Pan Dinners.

– After you’ve cleaned up, switch off your electronics. This includes your phone! This is my personal rule.

– Social media switch off: Switch off by 6/7/8pm for your mind to be able to switch off too. Social media is incredibly stimulating.

– Make a cup of herbal tea. Chamomile is great, or try my healthy chai latte: roobois chai tea with warm almond milk, cinnamon and stevia. Yum!

– Soak in a bath with essential oils and Epsom salts to relax your muscles and mind.

– Put your legs up on the wall for 10 minutes and take a few deep belly breaths. This is so calming for the nervous system and will help you to fall asleep with ease.

– Make sure you have a deliciously comfortable bed to jump into. I am having a love affair with my new mattress from Ecosa.

– Ecosa has adjustable firmness and a gel foam which makes it the dream mattress. This mattress is dust-mite proof, very supportive for your back made from natural latex. I love it – I order mine from here.

– An Epsom salt bath – so relaxing! 1 cup of salts into a warm bath 3x/week. I also love dabbing lavender oil on my Ecosa Silk pillow before bed – so calming!

– Jump into bed and read a book, or snuggle up to your partner!

– Turn the lights out at a reasonable hour. I love dimming the lights after my shower to start to relax my mind and body and prepare for sleep.