The Main Differences

Whether you’re a high heel lover or hater, chances are you have been pondering between pumps, stilettos and heeled shoes in general. But which of the womens shoes to wear? What goes with what? Should I wear pumps? These questions and more will be answered in this post! 

So what are the differences between them?

The word “heels” is used as a catch-all term for shoes with an elevated heel. This includes all types of pumps, stilettos and even wedges


  1. Pumps are classic court shoes with a low to medium heel that make you feel balanced and stable when you walk. 
  1. They can be worn with trousers or skirts. Pumps are generally made from leather or suede and have either a pointy toe or open toe design.
  1. Pumps are generally considered to be more work-appropriate, while stilettos are more casual and fun. 
  1. They have a low heel and are usually made of leather or suede. You can wear them anywhere—to work or out on the town!
  1. Pumps have rubber soles for similar reasons but also because their softer leather upper needs protection from water damage caused by rain storms or puddles left behind after heavy rains fall down upon them


  1. Stilettos are high heels that have a thin, tapered shape and pointed toe. 
  1. They’re usually made from wood, plastic or metal and often feature spikes on the sole of the shoe to add extra height (although some styles do not). 
  1. They can be worn for both day-to-day wear or special occasions like weddings or parties (but might not be suitable if you’re not used to wearing heels).
  1. The sole material used in heels is usually harder than that used in pumps because they need to be durable enough to support a person’s weight when she walks up stairs or climbs hills. 
  1. Heels often have leather soles that are reinforced with metal plates; some may also feature rubber soles for extra traction on slippery surfaces like wet ground or snow-covered sidewalks! 

So if you’re trying to decide whether you should switch from pumps to stilettos or vice versa, start by thinking about what kind of shoes your wardrobe is missing right now. Do you want something more casual? More feminine? Something that will make your legs look longer? Or do you want something with more support and cushioning for all-day comfort?