When you think about someone cool, who do you think of? Likely an actor in a movie you once saw or a pop star in the middle of a rock concert. Either way, there are some people that just seem cool all the time. Part of this is their fashion choice.

Many of the most extraordinary men from movies and media are the ones who carry off men’s motorcycle jackets with style.

In this article, we will examine a few of these male role models who really knew how to wear leather. 

The Coolest Leather Jacket Celebrities

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Of course, we have to start off with Arnie. As soon as we think of The Terminator we can picture that stone-cold look with the bare chest and 80s-style leather jacket. Pairing the outfit with matching leather fingerless gloves this leather on this leather look will forever be a symbol of absolute confidence.

Brad Pitt

Though Brad Pitt seems to have a fixation with leather jackets the one that draws our attention is what he wore in fight club. A vibrant red jacket with a simple T-shirt and red-tinted shades made him contemporary, collected, and extremely cool.

Harrison Ford

What guy would not want to look like Indiana Jones? The brown leather jacket matched with a rusty colored shirt and outdoor equipment will make any man look like a real adventurer who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. 

Hugh Jackman

Wolverine brought along his own version of the ultimate bad boy. This style has a slightly more modern brown motorcycle jacket that has a worn look and fits well with the undershirt, checkered shirt, dog tags, and skinny jeans.

John Travolta

Bring back the 50s grease stylism! In their day they were the coolest people around which was exemplified by John Travolta but we also have to give a shout out to the Fonz from Happy Days. These black leather jackets with jeans and white t-shirts were a status symbol for guys who only knew how to be cool.

Tom Cruise

If flight jackets are your thing then the Top Gun uniform will be right up your street. With Aviator shades, a cheeky smile, and a high collar you to can take to the high end of leather style. 

James Dean

When people think of cool. They often just think of James Dean. His signature style was the epitome of a carefree biker who lived by his own rules. It wasn’t just the jacket that made this style work but it was the haircut, the way he carried himself, and the look on his face. 

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