Even if you are generally very fashion ware and know just what to get for any given occasion, being pregnant is a whole ballgame for most people. Now you are not just looking for style, but for comfort, practicality, safety, and something that brings out the best of your pregnant self.

You have a whole new set of circumstances to adapt to so to make things easier we are going to walk you through 5 things to look for when choosing your maternity attire so you can choose the best maternity dress available. 


Whilst there is no exact rule against slender-looking clothes on a pregnant lady, the important thing here is that you feel comfortable. Additionally, several medical professionals have pointed out that clothing that is overly tight can lead to a higher risk of various medical conditions during your pregnancy.

Therefore, try to pick something that is loose fitting though not necessarily baggy. 

Breathable Material

The type of fabric you wear can change your clothing experience. As many pregnant women report feeling warmer than usual, your best comfort is going likely going to be found if you manage to keep yourself cool. 

When searching for your maternity dress try and stick to fabrics like cotton, bamboo, or modal. Natural fabrics are usually better than synthetic fabrics but if you are not sure then try it on and see how it feels. 

Safe To Wear

Whilst there is an innumerable amount of maternity dresses and materials to choose from not all of them are ideal for use during your pregnancy. Check the chemicals and dyes used on the dress and make sure that they will not be harmful to you or your baby.

Also, it is often best to avoid wrinkle-free or wrinkle-resistant dresses since they are known to carry a harmful chemical called formaldehyde.


Your maternity dress should fit more than one occasion. Think about the different scenarios that you may need this dress for and how well it is likely to fit the mood. Often for the greatest adaptability, you may need to select a simple style that can be easily used as formal or casual wear depending on what you wear with it. 


Lastly, check your budget and make sure that whatever you are buying will not exceed what your piggy bank can afford. Try comparing the price with other providers and make sure that the dress you select is not overly costly when compared with the other options.

You don’t have to break the bank to get yourself a stylish maternity dress.

BIO: Brandon Leards has been involved with fashion for the past 13 years. He now specializes in pregnancy clothing at maternityDresses.com