As our dear planet continues to strive and suffer through climate change, there are large communities of people who have been trying to help this slowdown. And the best part is that anyone can be a part of this since the efforts need to be democratic instead of just a few scattered groups trying on their own. Many people understand that recycling is as high as you can go when adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. Though it is a great initiative but, bringing a change isn’t just limited to that. All the food you consume, all the tasks you accomplish throughout the day, all that you wear matters—even shoes. Yes, something as minor as that counts. 

Planets Betterment

We know what it requires to bring the earth back to a healthier state, but it’s not as straightforward as it might look on paper. If you were to sit down and ask on your own what contributions you’ve made to the planet’s betterment, you’ll probably be empty-handed and stumped. If that’s the case, you’re not the only one. Getting and using lasting footwear is a practical way to minimize your contribution to the carbon footprint stats without having to transform your everyday regimen in its entirety. 

Sounds exciting, right? Here’s how you get started with making the right decisions when shopping for shoes. If you would like the earth to benefit by using animal-free products and love buying different sorts of footwear, then you ought to check out vegan shoes (although, don’t buy too much—else it’ll defeat the entire purpose with overconsumption). Vegan footwear is made without using animal items. Eco-friendly footwear is made using natural products, naturally degrading instead of adding to the landfills. Another method to practice sustainability is to reuse and utilize recycled products as much as you can—which is done by many significant companies now like Nike, which has its own collection of recycled shoes. 

Switching to this footwear will undoubtedly eliminate the demand to recycle them when no longer needed. Although, when you’re just getting started, there are a few things to consider carefully. For example, the shoe’s brand isn’t the only element of your footwear that you need to bear in mind. The distributor is just as vital. Responsibly-sourced footwear is made by brands that work with distributors, which likewise function towards developing items that are useful for the planet and social variables as well. There’s an option available even if you wish to purchase products with a chemical-free production process. They are made with raw materials produced with organic farming processes, exempt from any chemical ingredients. An additional means to lower your carbon footprint is by looking into carbon-neutral footwear, made with markedly lower exhausts, helping reduce your carbon impact. There are several collections out there, suiting your needs/preferences and of the earth. No harm, no foul! 

Here’s a cherry-picked collection of recycled shoe brands that might end up becoming your absolute favorite to get you started. From fair trade practices to their methods of shoe manufacturing—all their efforts have resulted in reduced carbon footprint, helping shape the world in a better and more beautiful way. These brands are vegan and cruelty-free, so you wouldn’t have to think twice before buying them:

1. Rothy’s

Rothy’s footwear brand has been sincerely dedicated to doing better for the planet and its people since its launch. It incorporates recycled plastic bottles, marine plastic, merino wool and manufactures sustainable and machine-friendly shoes. Rothy’s makes shoes for women and children. It also offers a vegan leather shoe option that people cherish. Rothy’s uses ethical and eco-friendly methods with a zero-waste target. Furthermore, Rothy’s provides a range of bag styles for every occasion.

2. Fortress of Inca

Fortress of Inca is an ethical shoe brand based in Austin, Texas. It offers ethically made and handmade designed leather shoes for women. The brand collaborates with shoemakers worldwide and makes its shoes with versatile designs. Fortress of Inca ensures ethical manufacturing and supply chain aiming to make shoes with natural materials.

3. Nisolo

Nisolo has the vision of a fashion industry that values people and the planet. Whether you’re looking for heels or trying to go casual with sandals, Nisolo makes sure you find every look of yours. This brand also sells accessories and makes its shoes using intentional design. The brand is Nashville and has factories in Peru and Mexico via partnership. All of the brand’s partners must comply with its strict code of conduct that ensures ethical sourcing. It also assists small, independent artisans in growing by supporting their businesses. Nisolo sources its raw resources in-country (Peru).

4. Solo Shoes

Saola shoes were launched to make relaxed and comfortable products while adhering to innovation. Saola’s shoes are made from recycled and eco-friendly items to support its sustainability values. Its factories have strict environmental and social rules to ensure favorable working conditions for its workers. It also produces items for influential brands that are eco-friendly.

5. Thousand Fell

If you dare to be different or one of a kind, this is your brand. Thousand fell is distinct from other ethical shoe brands and makes recyclable shoes. Each pair of shoes is ethically sourced combined with thoughtful designs, ensuring that the shoes are comfortable and recyclable. Thousand fell uses materials like recycled bottles, recycled rubber, aloe vera, and more to produce its shoes in the factories of Brazil. Also, this brand will retrieve and refurbish your old sneakers to reduce waste. There’s no catch; instead, you’ll receive $20 if you send these sneakers back.

6. Handmade Barcelona

Local traditions of Spanish culture inspire Handmade Barcelona. The best thing about Handmade Barcelona is that you can also get your shoe custom-made. It creates shoes with sustainable and ethical standards for men and women. This brand’s concept is luxurious shoe quality while considering affordable pricing and social values. Artisans craft shoes with quality standards in family-owned workshops. Each sustainable shoe is made with ethically sourced materials, and the brand supports communities. 

7. Green Shoes

This brand makes a variety of handmade, ethical, and eco-friendly shoes. Green shoes are based in England and describe themselves as a revolutionary shoe-making brand. It also sells leather and vegan shoes that serve as a great option. Each shoe is made with low environmental impact using leather and microfiber vegan materials. The brand lets you choose the color of the material, via which you can make a unique pair according to your wish.

8. Veja

Want some cool sneakers or funky outdoor shoes? Veja’s your go-to brand. Made with eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, chrome-free leather, it has footwear for the whole family. Veja is based in France and has various styles and vegan shoes. It acquires its materials directly from producers from Brazil and Peru to ensure Fairtrade and an ethical supply chain. Veja is committed to making the world safer with its sustainable practices and ensuring that its workers get paid fairly.

It’s essential to understand that using recycled raw materials in the production of absolutely anything has a significant impact on environmental protection. Anything that doesn’t end up in a landfill, helps. Producing brand-new items beginning with waste or scraps preserves natural resources, protects animals from cruelty, reduces CO2 emissions, saves electrical power, decreases water usage, and the list goes on. Choosing vegan/eco-friendly shoes also assists local vendors and the ethical markets.

Ethical Shopping

These factors also play a massive role in the lives of people who are pushing themselves away in factories, with disgusting conditions and minimum wage. When you start shopping ethically, you spread a vital message to those around you and fix almost everything wrong with the financial system to regulate the fashion industry. By doing so, there’s bound to be a market push inclined towards the production, distribution, and acquisition of greener products. And just like that, you become a means of regulation in a market circuit that is environmentally secured, attentive towards eco-sustainable demands’ rise by putting higher stress on distributors to make eco-friendly packaging with basic materials easily accessible to the general public. 

A pair of shoes can be your trigger to the butterfly effect, leading to the most remarkable change. Put the right foot forward. Go green!