The last month of spring is coming to an end, which means that summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to think about changing shoes. How to choose summer shoes and not make a mistake with the choice? What should you pay attention to first of all, and what can be left for later? When is the best time to go to the store? The sea of ​​questions has accumulated, it’s time to answer each in detail. Our guide for those who are still having difficulty before buying another pair.

There are certain nuances between men’s summer shoes and women’s shoes that you should pay attention to before buying. Therefore, we will tell you in detail about each.

Women’s summer shoes are designed so that their owners can finally show themselves in all their glory. You can just take a look at Demonias Australia collection: the variety of models, their colors and the number of accessories is amazing. But you do not need to focus on them before buying.

Leather or leatherette?

Summer shoes are usually worn barefoot, so we prefer natural materials. They will allow the legs to “breathe”. Run your finger along the edge, and if you feel that the edge is hard, then put the shoes in place: no one wants to rub their foot to the blood or get a callus.

If, nevertheless, you have chosen a leatherette model, then ask the seller what material the insole is made of. If it’s made of leather or cotton, then buy it, because then you can avoid diaper rash, bad smell from shoes or, God forbid, a fungal disease on your feet. If both the shoes and the insole are made of artificial materials, it is better to refuse to buy: such savings will not benefit anyone.

Heels or wedges?

Summer models of shoes are available both with and without heels. Here the choice is yours. If you can’t imagine your life without high heels, then buy. What we would like to advise you. Pay attention to how the heel is attached to the sole: is it glued or nailed? The glued one will fly off at the first unevenness, so it is better to refuse such options immediately.

Try on your shoes at the store and walk around a bit. If you feel that your leg is uncomfortable, do not risk your health – refuse to buy.

Wedges are also very popular in summer. If you are sure that you will only walk in wedge shoes on flat surfaces, take it. If there is no such confidence, refuse to buy: there is a high risk of twisting your leg. Driving a car in such a model is also not worth it. You can check out Jo Mercer to find the right one. 

Pay attention to the sole

Do not be afraid to carefully not only examine, but even bend the sole, because your comfort depends on what it will be: thin or thick, flexible or rigid. A thin and hard sole will cause a lot of trouble and discomfort: any bump or small stone will feel like you are walking barefoot on the ground.

Now let’s talk about how to choose men’s summer shoes, and what you should pay attention to.

Consider leather   

Yes, again, because when it comes to men’s shoes, no artificial substitutes. Due to physiological characteristics, the male foot is subject to more sweating than the female. And any non-natural material will lead to inevitable problems (bad smell from shoes is the least of them). Choose from leathers: suede, calfskin, capretto or pigskin. It all depends on your wallet. Capretto, for example, is the most expensive leather, but it is great for going out shoes.

And what we have inside?

Look closely at the inside of the shoes. And if you notice bumps, protruding threads or protruding seams, do not buy. Instead of a comfortable model, buy yourself a semblance of a “Spanish boot”, which on the very first exit will rub your leg so that you will then walk for a long time in something like house slippers.

Follow fashion trends 

Unlike women’s shoes for the summer, men’s shoes are more conservative and prefer the classics. Of course, something changes in the model for each new season, but the classic version is always in trend.

And finally, one general advice when choosing men’s and women’s summer shoes. Go to the store in the evening when your feet are a little swollen after a whole day. Why is it important? Summer shoes should be not only fashionable, but also comfortable. And if even in the evening you feel that your foot is in shoes, which is called “walking”, do not take this pair.

Following our rules, you can choose a comfortable, high-quality model that will serve you faithfully all summer long.