Hairstyles for busy moms can be a nightmare in the morning. While the kids scurry around the house getting ready for school, you’re juggling home duties, last-minute revisions in today’s presentation, or a business meeting, straightening your hair.

Hairstyles for working moms are confined to cutting your hair short or settling for a ponytail. It’s not that you don’t care about your appearance, but your packed daily schedule doesn’t allow you to spare time for your hair. 

Amidst all the chaos, you have a plain jane look and feel not so great about it either. So you need to learn a few fast and simple “busy woman” hairstyles by applying quality hair product in your curls that you can keep changing every other day to maintain your fresh look. Deciding on and investing in authentic hair extensions would make achieving any style in record time easier and stress-free. Deciding on and investing in authentic hair extensions would make achieving any style in record time easier and stress-free.

To bring you style and beauty solutions that are easy to implement into your busy life, we bring to you one of the most popular hairstyles this season

Casual Half-up

This hairstyle is so easy to do it’s perfect for those mornings where you just aren’t feeling any fancy-schmancy stuff

Here’s how to do it. Straight hair will require curling your hair with an iron to achieve this style, but you can still achieve a look that takes five minutes or so.

Gossip girl ponytail

This ponytail style is popular among today’s females and was inspired by Blair Waldorf’s look in the popular HBO series gossip girl. It’s simple, sophisticated, and adds to your individuality.

A bun without the pun

No matter your style – a sleek bun or messy bun, long hair or short, you can’t go wrong with the sock bun. Even if it’s time for an extreme makeover, you needn’t worry about losing any beauty sleep trying new hairstyles. 

A sock will help save that disaster and create a chic hairstyle in seconds, an original idea for the busy mom who doesn’t have time to spend on drying and styling her hair.

A braid like a fishtail

It is not rocket science to create a fishtail braid. All you need to do is continue to grab hair from one side; it will look like there are multiple fishtail braids in one braid. This is an effective way to create this style without too much effort.


When we find trendy hairstyles that can be done in a matter of seconds, we grab them and run! This is one such style. It’s an updated top knot, perfect for flaunting at home or work.

The loop

The loop is ideal for moms with fine hair who want to enhance the volume and texture at their roots. This style is super simple, with just an elastic headband holding the loop in place.

You could accessorize it with a flower-shaped hair clip if you want to add some color or interest. This hairstyle isn’t only perfect for thick, curly, or wavy tresses; this style can also be done with straight hair!