Let’s face it. It’s hard not to mention pomades when discussing the best hair styling products for men. And that’s because pomades are not only versatile but also quite impressive at keeping a hairstyle in place. But with this product’s growing popularity, a lot of different brands have been popping up. 

Obviously, when there are numerous products on the market, it becomes harder for buyers to find a suitable option. Are you facing this predicament? If so, don’t fret. Here are a few WiseBarber tips on what you need to consider to get the best hair pomade for your mane and style. 

1. Your Hair Type

Any hairstyling expert will tell you that this is the most important aspect to consider when shopping for hair products. Basically, you want to buy products that are designed to work well with your hair type. It’s the only way to ensure you get the most out of your styling pomade.  

Now, men have different kinds of hair; some long, others short; some thick and bushy, others thin and patchy. Some men have straight hair while others have wavy, curly, or cowlick hair types. 

Case and point? 

Knowing your hair type allows you to find a pomade that’s tailored to meet your needs in terms of hold, shine, and ingredient composition. 

2. Hair Volume and Strength

When discussing thick and thin hair types, consider your hair volume and the strength of each strand. For men with thin, low-volume hair, it’s important that you shop for pomades that increase fullness. That way you’ll have a thicker, fuller-looking mane. 

But, where does the “extra volume” come from?

Well, these kinds of pomades don’t actually promote new hair growth. Instead, they add volume by lifting individual hair strands. Thus, creating the “illusion” of a thicker hairdo.

Now, in terms of strength, avoid putting too much pressure, weight, and stress on your hair strands. This happens when you use a heavy, high-hold pomade on thin hair. Generally, overstressing hair stands can lead to breakage and follicular damage. 

Therefore, if you have thin hair, go for light and medium hold pomades. If your hair is too thick and unruly, go for a high hold pomade to be able to tame and style it as desired. 

3. Intended Hairstyle

So, which hairstyle or design do you want to achieve using pomade? This is important because hairdos differ in terms of appearance, texture, hold, volume, and length

For example, Ivy League haircuts always look best with a natural matte finish and low hold styling; for added pliability. However, if you are aiming for a Slick Back, you need to use a high shine, high hold pomade to keep the style in place and looking glossy. 

4. The Pomade’s Ingredient Composition

Last but not least, always check the ingredients list. Many men often ignore this bit despite its importance. A styling product’s formulation can either be beneficial or detrimental to your hair strands’ health. And that’s why any haircare expert will tell you to use pomades containing organic ingredients

Natural components not only promote healthy hair growth but are also less likely to cause allergic reactions and scalp irritation.  But, if you can’t find a suitable, organic product, check to make sure that the one available does not contain harmful ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and alcohols

Anyway, that’s it. As you try to keep up with new fashion trends, these simple, WiseBarber tips will come in handy. It will be easier to find the most ideal pomade for your hair. Thus, bringing you a step closer to having an awesome, balanced, and well-styled hairdo