Every Swarovski pendant holds a significant meaning in its exquisite design. These meanings represent various aspects of life, including celebrations, love, and milestones. The Swarovski Twist Blue Pendant marks Swarovski’s 125th anniversary. It has a unique, eye-catching design and features a modern twist on the spiral. 

But what is Swarovski? Read on to find out everything you need to know about this famous jewellery brand. 

What is Swarovski?

Swarovski is a world-famous jewelry brand created in 1895 by Daniel Swavorski, an Austrian glass producer. His mastery of crystal cutting defined the company. 

Swarovski is a family tradition that produces extraordinary, innovative designs for women around the world. The brand is renowned for its fine-quality crystals in finished jewelry, jewelry components, beads, and even figurines. 

Swarovski is one of the largest suppliers in the world to jewellery manufacturers, including the clothing and lighting industries. Their crystals have products in more than 3000 stores in 170 countries. 

What is the quality of Swarovski jewelry?

Swarovski jewellery is famous for its elegant and sophisticated designs. Their designs are striking and genuinely one of a kind. 

Like their Symbolic Evil Eye Pendant is mystical and very eye-catching. The pendant comes with a rose-gold plated chain with deep blue crystals embellished in it. It is truly remarkable.  

What makes Swarovski so popular is its variety of designs. There is something for everyone, from a dainty Magic Snowflake Pendant to a bold Dulcis Purple Pendant. 

Without a doubt, when you wear your Swarovski jewellery, you are guaranteed to stand out.  

Swarovski products are available in a range of prices and qualities. The brand focuses on unique designs, high quality, and durability at an affordable price. 

What materials are Swarovski jewellery made of?

There are a variety of materials that make Swarovski crystals. These include sand, quartz, lead, minerals, and metal. These materials are the reason why they are highly durable and have more sparkle than most natural crystals. 

All Swarovski metals are tone-plated. Their nickel content is compliant with European norms and is tested for nickel allergy. The metal components are usually gold or rhodium plated. Sometimes the metals are palladium tone plated with a PVD-coated base metal. 

Swarovski’s gold-tone jewellery has a finished layer of gold. Pale yellow gold with a polished, radiant, and attractive shine is used in the jewellery design. The rose-gold tone jewellery collection has a top layer of rose gold. This colour is created by mixing fine gold with copper. 

Years ago, Swarovski crystals contained approximately 32% of lead. These crystals enhanced the product’s durability and maximized its refraction. But now, the crystals are considered o be lead-free and safe to use because they are made of less than .009% of lead.

What colors do Swarovski crystals come in?

The main Swarovski crystal assortments are made up of Topaz, Emerald, and Ruby. The jewellery is available in a diverse palette of over 70 different colours, allowing for many combinations. 

The color of the crystals stays the same, despite their size and cut. They offer the perfect color saturation from every angle. 

Swarovski crystal colours are generally made from chemical coatings that are very durable and can last a lifetime. The crystals rarely fade even when exposed to saltwater, UV, machine washing, plating, sweat, and welding. 

But it’s important to note that constant exposure over long periods will affect the crystal colours. 

Does Swarovski jewelry tarnish?

Even though Swarovski jewelry is known for its durability, regular wear and long periods of exposure to harsh chemicals and direct sunlight can tarnish. 

You will notice jewellery pieces that are worn daily out faster than those only worn on special occasions. 

But if properly looked after, your Swarovski jewellery can last just as long as your diamonds. You will need to clean your jewelry regularly and carefully. 

Swarovski crystals have a chemical coating, unlike natural crystals. This coating can tarnish if it is exposed to harsh chemicals common in perfumes, suntan lotions, cosmetics, and detergents. 

It is advisable not to swim while wearing your Swarovski jewellery because chlorine is another strong chemical that can tarnish your crystals. 

All Swarovski jewellery is metal-plated, which means the plating can flake off or peel over time. When this happens, you will notice the base metal start to show. The base metals generally tarnish and discolour over time. 

How to care for your Swarovski jewelry

To keep your Swarovski jewelry in good condition, the first thing you need to do is to keep it away from harsh chemicals and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight over long periods. 

Make sure you remove your jewellery before swimming or applying cosmetics and products like hairspray, lotion, and soap. These things can damage and discolour the metal. 

The crystals will not discolour easily, but they will lose their radiance. So the less exposure, the better. 

Regularly clean your Swarovski jewellery with lukewarm water. Adding soap is not necessary, but if you want to, then make sure the soap is mild enough to prevent the jewellery from tarnishing. 

Dry your jewellery properly before putting it away in its original packaging or pouch. If you no longer have either, you can always use a soft cloth to wrap it up. 

Why is Swarovski so famous?

Swarovski is a famous brand worldwide because they deliver exceptional quality gemstones and crystals that perfectly imitate natural gemstones and diamonds. 

Their unique products are also available at attractive prices, making them affordable for many people. 

Swarovski’s creative culture has shaped the brand’s image and associated it with luxury and uniqueness.  

Swarovski continues to be one of the most famous jewelry brands globally, having something for everyone. They boast a wide range of extraordinary pendants, among other jewelry products. 

Swarovski jewellery is perfect if you look for something trendy, exclusive, and unique at a reasonable price.