Style is individual as it focuses on what clothing speaks to you and makes you feel your absolute best. The same message applies to accessories, as they build upon the style foundations you’ve created to make your outfit one cohesive look. Accessories are versatile and can add the right amount of spice to a look, but sometimes you need a jewelry piece to take it to the next level. There are reasons you should own statement jewelry and not just for the reasons you might think.

Adds Pops of Color To an Outfit

Bold, vibrant necklaces and bracelets are go-to choices when wanting to incorporate color into a monochromatic look. These accessories balance out the color scheme and add a little unexpected flair to provide layers to your ensemble.

Expresses Personality

Like your wardrobe, your statement jewelry reflects what you like and how you see fashion. In places where dress codes apply, you can still get away with a bold accessory that lets your personality peek through.

Introduces a Bit of Drama

What would life be like without a bit of drama? Before the confusion rises, you want a good kind of drama, and your jewelry choices can help you bring all the dramatic vibes. Statement accessories exude fabulousness that commands the right kind of attention.

Centers Attention To Your Face

Exciting necklaces and earrings captivate focus and center attention towards the neckline and face. You want eyes centered on yours at all times.

Brings Excitement To a Dull Look

Fashion is exciting, especially when accompanied by jewelry that can elevate the look to new heights! Pendant necklaces and medallions are chunky but add unparalleled refinement to an evening look or a day look that needs a hint of spice.

They’re Fantastic Conversation Starters

What better way to break the ice than with intricate accessories that spark the curiosity of those around you? An eye-catching bracelet or spectacular ring will put you and your fashion at the center of the conversation.

There are plenty of reasons to own and wear statement jewelry; however, nothing is as convincing as trying a few pieces on for yourself. These accessories command attention in an elegant yet classy way that complements your outfit while adding new, fun elements.