The laws around the hemp industry are evolving. New brands and products are being introduced in the marketplace. How to stay informed with the latest happenings around hemp? You may follow news channels like TNM news and go through a section dedicated to cannabis, use social media, or join other groups and forums.

Different Channels to Stay Updated About the Hemp Industry

Tune into News Platforms

There are several digital news platforms that you can follow to keep track of the legislative changes made in the hemp industry. Legalizing hemp at city and state levels is big news, with major channels covering the topic.

Suppose you are looking for specific hemp-related news, like product reviews or press releases. In that case, you should follow platforms like TNM news that have a dedicated space for developments in the cannabis industry.

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Sign Up for Newsletters

Hemp activists, enthusiasts, and other publications connect with audiences over blogs. They typically follow a schedule of posting blogs and updates. If you do not want to visit blogs regularly, you can sign up for their newsletters and go through snapshots of hemp industry updates.    

Third-party review sites are also a good source for staying updated on new products and receiving unbiased reviews.

Google to the Rescue

Is hemp legal in your state? What is the permissible quantity? What hemp compounds are legal to use? The answers to these questions lie with Google. For example, Connecticut became the latest state to legalize adult-use cannabis. The State of Connecticut has issued a press release, which can be easily found on Google.

You can set up Google Alerts using keywords to receive new content in your inbox. The key here is to use specific keywords. For example, instead of just using ‘cannabis store,’ add in location details right down to your area to receive relevant content.  

The difference between following news pages and searching for answers on Google is that you will have to verify data from multiple credible sources.

Follow Influencers

Several hemp influencers advocate for the legalization of hemp products and their use. You can choose to follow these influencers on social media platforms. The job of an influencer revolves around continuous communication with their followers. So you can hop onto Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to stay updated with hemp news.

Do take care that you research a bit about the influencer before you follow them. It is best to verify the news you receive through social media.  

Subscribe to YouTube Channels

You can subscribe to YouTube channels dedicated to creating content around the hemp industry. If you prefer watching videos to reading blogs, YouTube is the platform for you. By pressing the bell icon on their channel, you get updated every time the creator posts a new video.

By subscribing to a YouTube channel, the latest hemp news is a push notification away.  

If you can access the internet, any news about the hemp industry is a few clicks away. You can follow influencers on social media, join groups and forums, or set up Google Alerts for new information. You can also follow dedicated channels like TNM news to keep track of the latest happenings around hemp.