Attending a festival can be great fun, especially if it allows you to spend some time with your friends, and see some great acts or bands. You may be confused about how to remain fashionable at this time, and what compromises may need to be made to allow you to properly enjoy your time. It could also be a good idea to consider the changing weather conditions, as well as the type of accommodation you are using.

Wearing Glasses

You may need to take your glasses with you when attending a festival, either to be able to drive there in the first place, or to properly appreciate the sights around you. However, you may also be cautious of them becoming damaged or lost. Instead of taking your main frames, you may want to think about getting a simple and cheap pair, with the correct prescription, that you could wear when partying away from home. From here, you could also look into ways to fix bent frames, such as the information found at EyeBuyDirect, so that you are able to complete small repairs on your own if needed while at the festival. 


Taking a normal handbag or backpack may not be a possibility, especially when room by the stage is limited, or you want to reduce the likelihood of theft occurring. For this reason, you may want to look into some fashionable bum bags that can contain your phone, money, and any other items, such as the aforementioned glasses, or even time-sensitive medication. Unlike a few decades ago, they can look incredibly fashionable, and you can now get these in an array of colors, patterns, and even materials, meaning you can look great, and still keep your items safe from loss or wandering hands.


Generally, festivals aren’t usually the place where you want to be wearing your best high heels, or delicate materials, on your feet. While some take place indoors, many of the popular festivals that people attend involve camping in fields, and lots of rain and mud. For this reason, you may want to compromise on your usual fashion choices, and opt for sensible footwear that will keep your feet warm, dry, and protected. While you could spend your days in wellies, they may not allow for all the dancing and moshing you want to partake in. Should the weather conditions not be too bad, you could use a special waterproof spray on your trainers, which will help them to repel the rain and, in some cases, even dirt. Either way, you may still fare better in choosing darker hues, as whites and creams could become permanently damaged from all the muck around you. Taking a pair of proofed trainers for dancing AND your wellies for general roaming around, could be a safer bet.

Going to a festival can be fun, especially if the weather is good. On top of the safety considerations you may need to make, you can also make some great fashion choices which can improve your stay.