2022 is approaching, which is why we reveal to you in priority from start to finish, what are the favorite fashion jewelry trends to be worn this year?

This year has been a very complicated year for everyone, as our inability to attend the vast majority of events meant we couldn’t wear all that jewelry we prepared for our party looks.

However, it is very likely that you have noticed that in this year, many people started to wear more jewelry in their virtual work or social gatherings. In addition, while this wasn’t very common in past years, it will continue into 2022.

This is mainly due to two factors: the first is that wearing a jewel, especially if it is gold jewelry, has the power to elevate the elegance and make it more elegant. You will earn the charm of super models with the assistance of such fashion jewelry pieces.

The second factor is that now more than ever we must decorate our hands, necks and ears in the best way so as not to be practically neglect. This is because video calls don’t show our entire body, so wearing a fashion jewelry piece (from various types of earrings to a nice brooch or a pendant necklace) will be the center of attention for our outfits.

Therefore, if you like to wear special jewelry at home and on the street during the New Year, then every day you will have a new opportunity to shine without losing your essence and style. Are you ready to learn about wholesale fashion jewelry trends and wear them as super models do to be stylish? Let us see what the trendy styles are first!

Pendants with personal name and initials


From nominal pendants to custom first chokers, these personal-value pieces will be on the rise this year. However, what metallic color will dominate jewelry trends?

No doubt for gold, this noble metal never goes out of style and will look great in every look. That’s why our personalized name necklace is one of our bestsellers and a safe bet for success with your outfits next season.

Vintage or classic jewelry

That is why it is so important to create a unique style by choosing the classic one. Good quality clothes that you can later combine with your classic jewelry.

Vintage jewelry has always served as inspiration to create modern pieces, as there are classic and timeless jewelry that will always find its place in every woman’s jewelry box.

A Brief History of Hoop Earrings – Roma Designer Jewelry

We are talking about hoops, hoop earrings are those accessories that cannot be missing in our jeweler’s fund. No matter what look you choose, such vintage hoop earrings are always the ideal option. You may notice many famous super models are wearing vintage hoops in recent years, and you should follow the trend as well.

Pearl earrings

A jewelry trend that will never go out of style is the trend of with pearls. Women enjoy wearing pearl jewelry, especially for pearl earrings. This style of jewelry will render the sense of grace and show the best part of women’s beauty and confidence. Super models love pearl earrings, so you see many of them are wearing pearl elements on the runway. And since we are all about pearls, we need to mention the newest trend called pearl party which has become a huge hit and legit business opportunity.

Layering your earrings

We have witnessed the trends of layering necklaces and chains, later with bracelets and bangles too, even for rings among youngsters. This year, the trend goes to the art of layering your earrings. You may have the opportunity to shop around your neighboring earrings wholesale boutiques, and you should have seen tons unique designs earrings and recommended by boutique owners to layer earrings by following this latest trend this year.

Try to accessorize your earrings or ear studs with lots of multitude. We have noticed some of the Mexican jewelry designers employ such designs to make women feel creative, inspirational and powerful with strength.

Rings on your whole hand (and with a very special meaning)

anillos en tendencia verano 2021

In the past, women usually will only wore a striking ring on a single finger, the trend today completely changed, it will be to decorate your entire hand with maximalist golden designs and with a powerful intention. This design and concept are inspired by Egyptian mythological story of the phoenix, which rises from its ashes, represents the values ​​of resilience and the ability to be reborn.

Wear statement necklace to show your statement

Many fashion ladies nowadays are wearing statement necklace, it will not only works as a perfect decoration to your outfits or dresses, but also help express your statement. When choosing appropriately for the statement necklace to fit well into your dress code, it will convey the message of your personality to the world, either to be more casual or more refined, especially in the workplace.

Minimalist Style Jewelry

Caitlyn Minimalist Jewelry Designer Kate Kim on Etsy Success

More and more women including super models now enjoy wearing minimalist style jewelry pieces. This style is also the more favored one for minimalist considering this group is growing significantly. They embrace the axiom of “less is more”. So you actually do not need to wear too many pieces of fashion jewelry or complicated designs. A simple minimal style will be the best fit of this year! We advise you to bet on the necklace with a simple personalized initial and zircons. A simple jewel that you can use on any occasion and that will make you look great and charming.

Flower styles are flourishing

It is witnessed super models on the runway are wearing all sorts of floral style fashion jewelry pieces such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Designers are enjoying promoting this fashion this season. Also, this style works easily with almost every style of your outfit and dress. Want to wear costume fashion jewelry as super models? Grab this trend now and join the flower jewelry festival.