If you’re someone who likes to keep their look sharp, chances are you care very much about your hair. Most of us are always concerned with the conditions of our hair; sometimes it’s too dry, other times it’s falling too fast.

There’s always one reason or another to be worried about the health of our hair. However, taking care of your hair isn’t as difficult as it’s made out to be. With just a few simple techniques, you can ensure your hair stays naturally strong and damage-free!

Today, we’re going to look into some recommended best practices to maintain healthy hair.  Find out if you’re taking proper care of your hair or not. If not, then we’ll be discussing some expert-recommended methods that you can apply to keep your hair in good health.

1. Regular Washing

Regular here doesn’t mean that you need to wash your hair every day. It means you should be consistent with your washing schedule according to your hair type.

If your hair is very dry then it’s recommended to take longer between the washes. You can start out by washing it two times a week and then check the results. However, if you have an oily scalp then you should increase the frequency of your washes. You can even wash your hair every day if the oil buildup is too much to handle!

It all depends on your specific case. You want to rinse away all the grime and dirt that accumulate due to the natural oils secreted by your scalp. However, we also need to retain a certain level of moisture which is why natural oils are important.

If you don’t wash your hair according to your needs and blindly follow someone else’s schedule, you’ll most likely end up damaging your hair in the long run.

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2. The Right Products

The type of shampoo, conditioner, or any other hair care products that you use greatly influence the health of your hair. If you use chemical-based shampoos and conditioners, the results might be surprisingly good at first. But in the long run, they could lead to hair fall or, even worse, baldness.

If you’re not cautious from the start then the cascading effects might be devastating to your hair.  You might end up needing a hair transplant. Same with any other surgical procedure, hair transplant comes with risks and it can be avoided when it is performed by a qualified hair surgeon.  You can read more here to understand the damage that the use of improper products can cause to your hair.

You should always try to aim for chemical-free products. The sulfates and parabens found in most products can also be found in almost all shampoos. These could not only cause hair fall but they can also cause skin irritation. The same applies to conditioners as well.  If you use the right conditioner, the right way, you can make use of the many benefits of conditioner for your hair. However, if you don’t wash it off properly, it can quickly erode your scalp.

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3. Oiling and Combing

Oiling and combing the hair has been traditionally seen as the super solution to every hair-related problem. Most of the time, these two go hand in hand when you sit at the end of the week to get some much-needed massage for your scalp. Many people are skeptical about oiling their hair due to the misconception that it can lead to increased hair fall. However, if done in a balanced way, oiling can restore the moisture in your scalp and fix the issues that cause poor hair health. When you comb your hair, the blood flows to the scalp and it helps to get rid of any dandruff as well. However, make sure to get a wide-toothed comb that doesn’t pull your hair out. If done properly, these two practices can be combined for phenomenal results.

These were some of the most important practices that you should know to keep your hair healthy & luscious. There are many aspects to everything in life, and the same goes for hair care. The same things that are beneficial for hair can end up doing a lot of damage if we do them incorrectly. Everything in moderation!

By now, you must have realized the mistakes that people make while caring for their hair.  You may have also identified the mistakes that you were making. If you keep the above-mentioned tips in mind, you’ll be able to take better care of your hair without damaging it in the process.