A huge number of people deal with stress daily. Many of them dream of the luxurious life of a movie star or model. Unfortunately, the reality is that even stars are susceptible to stress and anxiety. Surely every model who walks the runway or works on a shoot in a very fashionable studio is anxious and nervous.

Research and the words of models themselves show that they can be worried and stressed much more than normal people. The fact is that working for a huge audience, they have to be at their peak all the time. Incredibly difficult diets and workouts, necessary to keep themselves in shape, exhaust a person physically and mentally. And when the whole world looks at you, including famous people in your circles of interest, any person will feel uncomfortable.

This is the reality that celebrity models face. Let’s find out exactly how they overcome difficulties and what they do to cope with stress.

The famous model and blogger of the Kardashian family revealed exactly how she copes with stress. According to Kylie, when she is stressed, she prefers to listen to music with headphones. More often than not, she prefers to be alone. 

She also says that the moment she gets anxious and worried about something, she thinks about whether it will make sense in her life tomorrow, an hour from now, or a year from now. The model believes it’s not worth worrying about the little things because, in her opinion, it’s not worth it.

Kendall Jenner

Kylie’s sister, Kendall, has a similar attitude toward stress. She also, like her sister, prefers to listen to music in stressful situations. In addition, she tries to communicate with her sister Courtney in such moments. Kendall says Kourtney teaches her to meditate and it really helps her.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Kendall is constantly working and traveling. Not surprisingly, she encounters psychological difficulties in the course of her work. Kendall believes that it is necessary to learn how to say “no”, and then it will be much easier to avoid potentially stressful situations. According to her, making conditional limits will not make you a bad person, but much healthier, because as we know, stress provokes a huge number of all kinds of diseases.

Like all people, Kendall Jenner went to school, and as we know, many students face stress during their studies. Huge assignments and short deadlines provoked nervous breakdowns in many students. Often there was not enough time to write seemingly simple essays.

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Angelina Jolie

The famous actress and model, Angelina Jolie, also shared her secrets about how she deals with stress. Angelina is considered quite an advanced person in terms of new psychological attributes. Not surprisingly, she knows about the benefits of colouring books for adults, which moreover become more popular every year. She says she loves spending time with her children, sitting on the floor and coloring with them, or jumping on the trampoline together. She says it helps her relieve stress.

Angelina Jolie believes you need to occupy yourself with what you love and what brings you happiness. In contrast, it gives you meditation and inner peace. Although she doesn’t consider herself a person who needs quiet moments. Because of the actress and model’s popularity and busyness, such moments are extremely rare for her.

Bella Hadid

A famous American model of Palestinian origin, Bella Hadid, shared her thoughts on stress in models and cited her personal experience. According to her, at the beginning of her career, the most difficult thing for her was the interviews. She could freeze because of anxiety. 

Bella said that unlike her sister Gigi Hadid, she was always very modest and reserved. So often she would cry and shiver when she had to give an interview on the red carpet. Over time, the fear disappeared, and to feel more confident, Bella said to herself: “This is my job, I have to do it.”

Well-known psychiatrist Gail Saltz says that usually anxiety provokes stress. And in cases of constant anxiety, like constant interviews, it can lead to a serious disorder. Such disorders will simply interfere with life because a person will experience anxiety throughout the day.