If you want to find out which female gamblers are taking the stage right now or if you want to know if it is possible for you to expand your knowledge on the female gamblers who are prominent in the industry then the only thing you have to do is take a look below.

Katy Lederer

Katy Lederer is a very famous gambler. She is the sister of Howard Lederer, who is a very famous poker player. He also authored a book, which went on to become a best-seller. She is very seasoned when it comes to table games and she has made a lot of WSOP final appearances.

She has various bracelets to her name and she is always trying to push the limits. In the year 2003, she went on to author a book and this is a memoir about the time that she has spent as a professional poker player. It also touches on her upbringing in a family full of gamblers. She has done a lot of humanitarian work during her time and she has also pledged her time to a lot of humanitarian organisations.

Victoria Coren Mitchell

This woman is from the UK and she started as a journalist before she changed to her job now, which is a poker professional. She won the 2006 EPT tournament which is hosted in London and to this date she is the only woman gambler to come away with such an achievement. She has won millions during live tournaments and she has made it to the final table several times.

She is widely known across the UK and she is also a host, in addition to all of the other accomplishments she has made. She has done a lot of TV shows and she is always pushing the limits to try and achieve more with the time that she has. She is very open about her journey in the poker industry and she is always looking for ways to try and push the boundaries for females within the sector. She is one of the most famous female gamblers and for a very good reason, so make sure you keep up with her.

Annette Obrestad

Anette Obrestad is from Norway originally but she now competes on a professional level in the world of poker. She was 15 when she started with online poker but she is seeing her rise to prominence as being the reason why she stands out so much today.

She won the WSOPE event in London and she was able to set a record for being the only woman to be able to come away with the award. She has very deep runs in a lot of huge events and she has over $3 million in earnings from tournaments too. She stands out as being one of the best that there is and there is a very good reason behind this. She can anticipate any move that is being made by her opponent and to say that this helps her stand out would be an understatement.

Vanessa Selbst

No poker list would be complete without Vanessa Selbst. She is a professional player and she comes from the US. She is a student at Yale School of Law and she has done quite a lot to solidify herself as being one of the top poker players in the industry. She holds the record for the number of bracelets won by a woman and she is a frequent participant in the WSOP. She has been a wide supporter of LGBTQ rights and in addition to this, she often speaks out about the rights of casino players.

She participates in campaigns to show how the sector can do better when it comes to player rights and she is always trying to do what she can to stand out amongst other players. She is known for her aggression as well as her reckless playing style. She is always pushing the limits and the boundaries, and this helps her to stand out as one of the finest players in the industry. She can understand new rules and formats with ease and this helps her to compete and win in several online gambling events. She now has a solid reputation as being one of the most adaptable and solid players in the game. If you want to find out more about her then make sure that you follow her on social media as she is certainly an influencer worth keeping up with.