Are you a vaping beginner or curious about trying a new way of consuming cannabis? We have highlighted some dos and don’ts that may help you achieve a rewarding vaping experience. 

Do you have a specific aim for vaping, or are you into it for fun or pleasure? Whatever your aim of vaping, following these rules may help you meet your specific vaping needs. Let’s check out some rules for a happy and thrilling vaping experience.

What Are The Dos of Vaping

Before you begin your journey to the vaping world, knowing what you may do or avoid doing is advisable. Let’s start with what is permissible or what may be a good vaping practice.

Observe Smoking Rules

While you may be gearing up to explore the vaping world, knowing the smoking rules that govern your location is advisable. Know your state’s rules about smoking in public places, including office buildings, airports, restaurants, and malls! 

Vapes and e-cigarettes are included in most smoking bans. Often, vapers are given a designated spot or room to vape. Some public buildings may require you to avoid the building entrance to vape or smoke. 

It’s imperative always to know the right place to vape to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

Ensure Your Vape Device is Clean

It is essential to always clean your vape device before and after use. The mouthpiece should be cleaned daily because it is the point of contact with your mouth. 

You should also clean the atomizer by wiping away gunk from the connections and tank. Do not also forget to clean the battery and the surface in general.

Change or Clean The Vape Coils

If you have inhaled a skunk, sugary, or harsh flavored vape juice, the chances are that the coils may retain that flavor and overpower other less concentrated flavors you may want to try. To get the best out of each flavor, cleaning or changing the vape coils is advisable.

Seek For Permission Before Firing Up

While following the smoking or vaping rules in public places is crucial, seeking permission before vaping in private, especially if you are not alone. 

Although most people may be cool with vaping, especially if your vaping device is discreet, seeking permission is good. It is also not advisable to hit people in the face with your exhaled vapor, so you may want to redirect the vapor downwards or upwards.

Safely Store The Vape Juice or E-liquid

Your vape juice may still be perishable despite having a long shelf-life. It is advisable to place the liquid in a cool and dark place for extended shelf life. 

Heat and sunlight may affect the taste and color of vape juice. You may consider refrigerating it to keep it fresh.

Know Your Vaping Style and Other Preference

Various cannabis strains, terpenes, and cannabis components are used in making e-liquids. You can select your preferred strain according to your specific needs. 

You may also select your preferred vaping style, including direct to lungs or the mouth lungs vaping style. It is also advisable to stay within the dosage limit when vaping. You can also check Cold Turkey Vape Shop if you’re a beginner who is new to vaping to provide you more guidance in the vaping community.

What Are the Don’ts Associated With Vaping

Having identified some vaping dos, let us find out what you should avoid for a happy and thrilling vaping experience.

Avoid Charging Your Vape Device Overnight

Do you know that mishandling the battery of your vape is dangerous? The battery may be susceptible to an explosion, and it is not advisable to charge it all through the night. Aside from the possibility of catching fire, it may damage the battery cells. 

Although some vapes are designed with overcharge protection built-in batteries, it is advisable to disconnect the battery when the vape device battery is fully charged.

Avoid Leaving Your Vape Device in the Sun

As mentioned earlier, exposing your vape device to the sun may damage the battery cells or cause it to overheat. You should also avoid leaving it in your parked car on a sunny day. Avoid placing it near your cooking area or any other hot surfaces to avoid any incidence of explosion.

Avoid Vaping Around Children

It is not advisable to vape around kids because they may be susceptible to its effect on their lungs. You also may not want them to have the feeling that it is cool to vape.

Avoid Using Your Laptop or Phone to Charge the Vape Device Battery

It is advisable to utilize high-quality batteries specially designed for charging vape batteries. Plug it directly to the wall socket instead of charging the vape battery with your laptop or phone