It’s not a secret that smoking negatively affects your overall health — particularly your skin complexion. Besides making your skin less elastic and dull, toxins in cigarettes cause premature aging, leading to deeper wrinkles and sagging skin. Furthermore, smoking can worsen your current skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, or acne, and contribute to skin cancer development.

Fortunately, your skin has the ability to repair itself, and you can expect positive changes in your skin health after quitting smoking. One of the most popular alternatives among experienced smokers is switching to vaping. However, keep in mind that it would only work if you switch from tobacco eliquids to nicotine-free ones.

Below, you will find more information on how quitting smoking will help you bring that healthy glow back to your skin. Read on!

Fewer Toxins in the Body

If you are a smoker, your skin is exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins emitted from cigarettes. Each time you inhale cigarette smoke, you risk absorbing heavy metals and carcinogens, which can get into your bloodstream and travel to your organs, including the lungs, liver, and kidneys. Additionally, tar from cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 different chemicals, many of them toxic and cancer-causing.

When you eliminate all these toxic substances from your body, you will feel the difference in your skin. Your complexion will become healthier and younger, as those harmful substances will no longer be damaging the cells in your skin. You will also notice an improvement in the overall tone and texture of your facial skin. The hair and nails will also look healthier, as they are fed by the blood that transports nutrients.

Improved Blood Circulation

When you kick your smoking habit, you are likely to experience an improvement in blood circulation in your body. The better the blood circulation, the more oxygen reaches your skin cells, resulting in a healthier glow and better elasticity.

Your skin cells will also be better nourished with the right amount of vitamins and minerals since these are transported by the blood. Moreover, nicotine affects your body’s ability to produce collagen — an essential protein for keeping skin healthy, firm, and young-looking. Since you will no longer be exposed to nicotine, the collagen production will go back to normal, which will result in a brighter and more youthful look.

Reduced Skin Pigmentation and Acne

Nicotine can affect how your body produces melanin, which is responsible for skin pigmentation. It may lead to skin discolouration, such as hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. Furthermore, nicotine can lead to acne breakouts and rosacea, affecting the skin’s ability to produce sebum.

When you quit smoking, your skin will produce the right amount of melanin and hormones. Additionally, you will no longer be exposed to nicotine and its harmful effects, so your skin will be able to heal itself from acne and other signs of premature ageing. You will notice an improvement in the overall complexion of your face, especially under the eyes and jawline.

Prevention of Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Cutting out cigarettes can help you slow down the progress of wrinkles and fine lines caused by smoking. These include crow’s feet around the eyes, loose skin under the chin and neck, wrinkles on the forehead, lips, and even jowls.

When you stop smoking, your skin will start producing collagen again, repairing damaged cells and improving elasticity. Your complexion will become clearer and brighter, definitely taking years off your age.

How To Quit Smoking for Good?

Quitting smoking might seem like a daunting task for some people, especially if you have been doing it for a long time. Therefore, it would be wise to seek professional advice before taking any steps. A doctor or a counsellor could provide you with valuable tips on effectively dealing with nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

You could also join a support group or seek the help of your family and friends. Besides seeking professional support, you can prepare yourself mentally before making the final decision. The most important thing you should remember is to stay focused and determined, as the key to quitting smoking for good lies in how you approach each day after the big decision. 

If you think about the long-term effects of smoking, you will be more motivated to quit for good, so don’t forget about your health and the quality of your skin. Remember that smoking not only affects your appearance but also leads to severe health conditions. For instance, it increases your chance of developing various types of cancer, such as lung cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer, and bladder cancer. It may also increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases.

In case you are wondering whether it is worth quitting smoking for your skin health, the answer is a big “yes.” Quitting smoking will definitely positively impact your complexion, from improving the tone and texture of your skin to reducing wrinkles and fine lines. As such, you should find ways to quit smoking and start living a healthier lifestyle.

When you quit smoking, your skin will feel healthier and more vibrant. You will also notice a significant improvement in the overall appearance of your face. You will look younger, clearer, and more radiant. Though it may take a while for your skin to fully recover, you should notice an improvement after a few weeks of not smoking.