In life it is often quite easy to focus on others rather than on ourselves. For example, as a mother you will do anything for your kids. As an employee you can work overtime just to finish a project. As a member of a sports team you will train every day to avoid letting your team down. But what about yourself? Doing things for yourself is just as important, if not more. Unfortunately, self development often gets left behind. It’s easier to hold yourself accountable when another party is involved. 

Working on yourself is an integral part of growing. When you focus on yourself, you are guaranteed to see results and get rewarded for your efforts. Working on yourself is sure to make you more confident and content with your life. In turn, all aspects of your life may improve, including your relationships with people. 

If you’re seeking a deeper understanding of yourself and your true identity, you might consider taking tests such as the find yourself test or the know yourself assessment. By exploring these aspects of your life, the find yourself test can guide you towards a clearer sense of self and provide a roadmap for personal growth and fulfillment. It’s important to approach these assessments with an open mind and a willingness to explore different aspects of your personality and life journey. Taking the time to understand yourself better can lead to enhanced self-confidence, improved decision-making, and a stronger sense of purpose in all areas of your life.

Self development can address all areas of life. You can improve your relationships with your family members, work on your physical fitness, become better at your job, and focus on your studies. Once you’ve identified your goals and ambitions, you might find that it will be hard to balance all of them at the same time. There are little tips and tricks that can help you work on all of your goals without compromise. The internet is a great source of help. For instance, if you’ve got to write an essay about humility or modesty for your social studies class, you can select any of the humility essays you find online. That will save you some time that you can then spend on other areas of your life, like physical wellness and work. 

And that’s not all! Here are other tips and trends in the world of self development that will help you become a better you:

Becoming a minimalist

Don’t be scared by the heading, this doesn’t mean you need to get rid of all of your fun gadgets and toys. Rather, start to consciously choose quality over quantity. Instead of following a 16-step skincare routine or jumping on every new trend in the world of fashion, find the things that really matter to you. The irony is that when you have fewer things you get more use out of them. If your closet is filled to the brim with clothes, you often end up wearing the same pair of jeans over and over again. 

Find a hobby

The importance of hobbies is under-appreciated in today’s society. Many people believe that work is the best hobby. You’re lucky if you managed to turn your hobby into a source of income, but that’s not everyone’s reality. If you belong to the group of people that are not super passionate about their job, you need to find a hobby. Perhaps you can learn a new language, start scrapbooking, get into reading, or find a sport you really like. Music is a pretty good hobby, as it’s easy to get into and it’s taken on a world of creativity of its own. You can invest in equipment like DJ decks, loop pedal tips, and various mixhouse softwares to create your own tracks, experiment with vocals, and even make remixes of your favorite pieces. The key is – you have to enjoy it. Working on a project you’re passionate about can make life worth living when you’re feeling down.

Don’t stop learning

Even if you’re done with the official education portion of your life, there are still ways that you can continue learning and stay in the loop. This is especially relevant in fields like marketing and psychology. Things are always changing and new studies show new findings that could be relevant to your work. With the internet at your disposal, you can learn about almost anything for free. Grow in your field or explore another interest that can turn into a hobby.


Self development does not only refer to the intangible things in your life, but the tangible too. With proper budgeting you can grow your investment portfolio or find extra money to splurge on that couch you’ve been eyeing for months. A great way to start is downloading a budgeting app. They can help you know how much you spend, what you can save on, and how much more you need to make to achieve your goals. Eventually you can develop not only your mind and body, but your home.

Workout from home

If self-isolation taught us anything it’s that we never really have to leave the house, except for daily walks, of course. Working out at home became a trend in self development. If you don’t live near a gym and don’t like to take your workouts outside, you can easily work on your fitness from home. YouTube offers a wide variety of exercise videos from different personal trainers entirely free of charge. You can choose which muscle group you want to focus on, what type of workout you prefer, and how much time you are willing to invest today. If you find a trainer you really like, you can subscribe to their channel, visit their website, and sometimes even download their app. Those who want to take their home gym to the next level can purchase some exercise equipment! Just like that, exercising from home can be as versatile and exciting as hiring a personal trainer or joining a workout class.

Author’s BIO

Paul Calderon is a popular author, writer, and blogger. He doesn’t only write about self development, of course, he also practices it. Being a big fan of the Marie Kondo method, Paul used his time in self-isolation to create order in his apartment and life.