If you are planning to get engaged this year, the ring will likely take center stage and become one of the most special items of jewelry you’ll ever own. But while you may be certain that you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, choosing the perfect engagement ring isn’t always so easy. While Mariah Carey’s emerald cut diamond engagement ring may be worth a cool $10 million, there are plenty of beautiful rings out there for those not on superstar budgets. In fact, this year, engagement ring trends are all about individuality and responsibly-sourced stones. If you are looking for an engagement ring, here are the top three engagement ring trends to watch out for.

Ring Settings

The average engagement ring costs around $5,900 in the US, which makes choosing the perfect engagement ring setting so important. After all, it’s the band that goes around the finger, so an integral part of the overall ring. Bezel settings, an encasing of metal overlapping the edge of the stone, are a unique take on the classic solitaire setting and are expected to be a hot trend this year. Likewise, halo engagement rings. If you are looking for a showstopper of an engagement ring, then this is the engagement ring trend for you. Pave diamonds or gemstones are placed around the center stone, and a halo makes the center stone look bigger than it is. A double halo setting is even more eye catching, featuring two rows of diamonds encircling the stone in the center. 

Brown Gemstones

When you think of the color options of engagement ring jewel options, brown may not be a color that springs to mind. But it will be this year. There has been a growing demand for engagement ring gemstones in warmer, fall colors. It’s an incredibly versatile and easy-to-wear gem color with a shade to suit every skin tone and taste. You can choose from champagne, peach, chocolate, honey, grey and taupe, and everything in between. Brown stones work well with any metal color and you’ll often find them more affordable than rarer or more traditional colored stones. 

Trilogy Engagement Rings 

Three isn’t a crowd when it concerns jewels on an engagement band. A modern take on the classic three-stone engagement ring is expected to be in big demand as people favor the timeless design of a trilogy ring. The beauty of this style of engagement ring is it provides a good amount of space for you to play around with different design ideas so you can really make the ring your own and let your personality and style shine through. A current favorite style of the trilogy ring is a mix of diamonds and sapphires framed with white diamonds to create a stunning and elegant finish. 

From unique ring settings, brown gemstones to three stones, there are some incredibly beautiful and unique engagement ring trends to consider when choosing the perfect engagement ring for yourself or the love of your life.