What many don’t realize is that choosing an engagement ring involves more than just finding the most sparkly diamond. The band and setting itself plays a major role in selecting the right ring for your partner. 

The reality is, the right material for one person, may not be the right material for your person. Picking the right band depends on many factors, including both style preferences and lifestyle. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself before picking a metal for your ring band and setting:

How is the Material Sourced?

If sustainability is a priority for you and your partner, you may want to consider how different materials are sourced to narrow down your options. Options like lab diamond engagement rings are virtually identical to regular diamonds but are substantially more affordable and ethical since they aren’t mined and don’t compromise any natural environment.

What Colour Does My Partner Prefer?

One of the most important choices for your fiancé’s band is the color of the gold. You can select between white gold or platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold. If you’re stumped on which to choose, look at the jewelry they wear day-to-day for clues. When in doubt, white gold is always classic while yellow gold can have a more vintage flare.

What Are My Partner’s Daily Activities?

If your partner’s work relies heavily on using their hands, they need a strong metal. In this case, it is vital to consider the wear and tear the ring will experience. A lower karat of gold (10 or 14k) can hold up to more daily wear. This is important to consider when you shop for oval engagement rings because the exposed stone is more susceptible to damage. Moreover, if your partner is active and enjoys outdoor activities, you may want to consider a durable metal like platinum.

How Much Upkeep is Suitable for My Partner?

Although you’re responsible for putting in the effort to find the perfect ring, your partner is the one who will wear it every day. Their ability to take care of the ring can determine what materials you should choose. White gold requires frequent dips in rhodium to maintain color and shine for a prolonged time. If your partner prefers silver tones that require refreshing, you can choose platinum as it never changes colors.

If your partner prefers minimal upkeep, keep the band simple and free of pave diamonds. Yellow gold will require less maintenance especially if you choose 10 or 14 karat gold.

Engagement ring shopping is already an overwhelming task since you want to find a ring that brings a smile to your partner’s face. Luckily, choosing the suitable materials reduces the burden and brings you one step closer to the perfect ring.