The world seems obsessed with cosmetic medicine.. and don’t get me wrong, I get it.  I pay you X amount of money and you make me look younger?  Sweet.  Sign me up.

Typically, however, that comes with a knife to the face and that is absolutely horrifying.  But NYC cosmetic Doctor, Dr Bill Kestin has crafted methods that offer less invasive treatments. Dr Kestin is well known in NYC, specifically because of his gentle approach to aesthetic enhancements.  If you are going for a natural pick me up, this is the doctor for you!  Dr Kestin is soft with the needle and doesn’t overdo it.  Dr Kestin’s version of lip filler provides a subtle enhancement for both top and bottom lip giving your lips a luscious plump that lasts about 6 months or longer.  Dr K believes that your lips should look natural and believable and never walk into a room before you!  

The downtime for Dr Kestin’s lip filler?  Little or none..  You could theoretically get them done during your lunch hour. 

Dr. Kestin is a master injector and has pioneered the use of filler to subtly augment the areas of our face that show signs of loss of volume.  These areas include cheekbones, jawlines, deep folds and wrinkles.  Dr Kestin is even able to use filler to provide a liquid nose job in appropriate patients.  

Dr Kestin is an expert in botox treatments that allow his patients to still show expression and yet look and feel radiant and refreshed.  

In addition, Dr. Kestin offers Ultherapy, an ultrasound based procedure that provides the only FDA approved non-surgical face lift.  Ultherapy is also approved for correction of lines and wrinkles in the decolletage, and is effective for vertical lines around the mouth, and dark puffy under eye circles.  

A single Ulthera treatment will last a year and can be repeated as often as you choose.   Although Ulthera is unable to completely replace a face lift, it offers a great non-invasive option for those who are not ready for a surgical solution.  

Dr Kestin says these treatments are reliable and effective and can help make you look younger without going in for surgery.

Dr Kestin signature style is an understated radiance that provides a natural, non plastic look restoring your own natural beauty.  

You will walk into the office feeling blah and strut out feeling fresh, radiant and confident.  

If you are feeling like you need to add a bit of youthfulness back to your skin, schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Kestin today!

Author Bio: Ashley exited the womb into this life with a fierce love for food, theatre, and breaking socially-constructed gender-norms in the dating scene. She graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelors in English, concentration in professional writing, and minors in journalism and classical voice. Some of her experience includes interning for FashInvest (now Women’s Wear Daily) and award-winning food critic, Craig LaBan.  Ashley started writing professionally the summer before her senior year of college, and has written about topics such as fashion, food, law, music, entrepreneurship, beauty, fitness, health, and even ghostwrites.  When she’s not writing or singing at funerals, Ashley’s covering her kitchen in homemade pasta and taking care of her fish, Fish.  Ashley could not be more excited to be a part of the AMFAM team.

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