Have you ever fantasized about giving birth to a lot of children? No, me neither. Luckily, the breeding fetish has nothing to do with popping out as many kids as possible. On the contrary, it doesn’t have anything to do with becoming a mother at all. Just like in the case of other fetishes, the main allure here is the risk. As purveyors of sexual women’s empowerment, let’s talk about this alluring idea. 

But What is a Breeding Fetish?

Breeding fetish, also known as impregnation fetish, involves being sexually aroused by the idea or possibility of getting pregnant. If you’ve ever been turned on by the thought of having a baby with your partner even though you don’t wish to become a mother, you aren’t alone. This fetish combines many elements that make sex great; risk, connection, and both appealing to human nature and rebelling against it. 

While it typically involves sex without a condom, it doesn’t always have to come with pregnancy risk. A lot of women rely on other forms of contraception or settle for roleplaying, especially with an ejaculating dildo, and simply use their imagination.

While not exactly breeding fetishes, there are other kinks that are somehow related: 

 – Cum fetish – it includes being aroused by the taste, sight, or texture of cum. It’s also one of the key features of the breeding fantasy; women are turned on by having their partner ejaculate inside.

 – Pregnancy fetish – it includes seeing pregnancy as erotic. While it’s different from gaining sexual satisfaction from the possibility of getting pregnant, both fetishes have one thing in common: the idea of wanting to create a new life with your partner strengthens the connection and activates a sexual response.  

Why Would Someone Enjoy the Breeding Fetish?

We are all biologically wired to want to reproduce to a lesser or bigger extent if we think about it. Yet, there are plenty of methods of contraception available to enjoy sex without consequences. So what exactly is the appeal of the breeding fetish?

 1. Risk is hot

As mentioned before, it’s all about the risk that makes the whole experience a lot better. You might enjoy the unknown (will I get pregnant or will I not) and the adrenaline rush that comes with it. 

2. It offers a deeper kind of connection

Let’s reflect on your younger years. If you’ve ever done something against the law, have you ever wondered why? Most of us didn’t misbehave just for the thrill of getting caught but because our friends were doing it. In other words, it was a way to practice social bonding. Sex is a bit like that – for most of us is the highest form of intimacy because you physically can’t get any closer. Add a bit of risk to it, and you have a recipe for something incredibly intense. Now, if you think about it, getting someone pregnant or the idea of it can further seal that closeness because pregnancy indicates you might want to spend your whole life with that person, and creating new life is special in itself. This is why the breeding fetish turns many people on – it’s the definition of maximized closeness. 

 3. It’s all about power dynamics

Practicing a breeding fetish is a real treat for couples who enjoy playing with power dynamics. It’s your partner who decides if he wants to take the risk of getting you pregnant, which can be a huge turn-on for someone naturally submissive. Being at your partner’s mercy like that temporarily removes your bodily autonomy and allows him to treat you like a territory he can mark. Perfect if you’re into degradation too. 

Is Breeding Fantasy Normal?

All fetishes are nothing to be embarrassed about, as long as they don’t involve hurting anyone without their consent. However, a lot of stigmas can get in the way of making the fantasy become a reality, especially if the name is as unfortunate as the breeding fetish. Keep reading to find out how to tell your partner about this fetish without ruining your sex life and relationship. 

How To Open Up About Breeding Fetish?

Bringing up any kind of fetish feels vulnerable, and facing rejection from someone you’re intimate with can hit especially hard. This is why you should prepare a strategy that will allow your partner to understand your fetish without judgment. Here are the most basic steps you can take:

 1. Prepare in advance

Before you start any conversation, think about what you’re going to say and how you’re going to approach the subject. You have to make sure that you explain what the fetish is about and give your partner the reasons it turns you on. Simply saying, ‘I have a breeding fetish’ and waiting for his reaction won’t do. Confessing it all in one sentence can be tempting, especially if you’ve been feeling nervous about it for a while but remember the goal is to educate your partner and possibly introduce a new fetish into your sex life. Take your time and prepare as much as possible. If you’re honest and take things slow, your partner will hear you out, and you can hopefully reach an agreement. 

 2. Choose time and place

There’s nothing worse than bringing your fetish up when you’re out in public. It might feel safe in a way – being surrounded by other people might somehow lessen the impact of rejection, but it’s an intimate topic that should be discussed in private. Wait until your partner gets home and make sure he is relaxed enough to talk, then sit him down and tell him you’d like to discuss something important to you. Don’t be afraid to admit that this is making you feel nervous or that you’re worried about his reaction. A good relationship should be free of judgment.

 3. Prepare extra resources

Making a list of articles that talk about breeding fetish is the key, especially if you aren’t good at explaining things. Reading more about this concept will answer all the questions your partner might have and also help him realize that you’re not the only one who gets turned on by the idea and that it’s actually pretty popular and normal. A lot of partners might worry a breeding fetish is a way to ‘trap’ them, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

 4. Don’t pressure your partner to make a decision

 Even if you consider yourself to be an adventurous, open-minded couple, breeding fantasy carries a lot of risks that might initially scare your partner off. Waiting for an answer can be stressful, but it’s important to give your partner space and let him make a decision in his own time. Lastly, reassure him that it won’t change your sex life or your relationship no matter what he decides to do. 

 5. Offer to share some examples

Porn might not have much to do with how sex looks like in real life, but it can come really handy if you want to show your partner what a breeding fetish is about. Do some digging and find videos that illustrate why the fetish is such a turn-on; perhaps it can involve some extra elements like ‘cream pie’ or a roleplay. I’m sure you won’t have to look far.