Every summer, I convince myself that I love shopping for swimsuits. I shop for them like it is my literal day job. I am completely enthralled with the idea that when I try on my new swimsuit, I’m going to look exactly like the model on the website. That’s how swimsuits work, right?

The Swimsuit That Gave Me the Best Boob Job

But then it happens. The moment I try on my swimsuit and everything sags. I look like a goat that has just nursed her six kids. I get zero. freaking. support.

This year, I decided I did not want a swimsuit that left my nips pointing to the floor, so I started my search early. My nights went from rewatching Bridgerton to a search history of “supportive swimsuits,” and, after a few glasses of wine, “swimsuits that won’t make my boobs look saggy.”

My search led me to a brand I’d never heard of. Honestly, I almost skipped over it, thank GOD I did not. This holy grail of swimwear brands is Voda Swim. Their entire focus is devoted to swimsuits that actually support your breasts.

They use what they call their “Envy Push Up” technology to increase your breast size up to two cup sizes, without the use of underwire. The push-up magic is thanks to built-in foam cups, which support breasts both from the sides and underneath, giving cleavage I didn’t even think was possible for a swimsuit without underwire. 

This blew my mind, because every push-up swimsuit I’d tried on before was either loaded with padding or brimming with underwire.

I ended up purchasing the Show Up and Show Out, Peakaboo Criss Cross, and Adjustable Drawstring Tankini and Shirred High Waist Bottom sets.

The Show Up and Show Out was the one that stunned me the most. This suit is your classic triangle bikini–– i.e. the one I never get support out of.

The Swimsuit That Gave Me the Best Boob JobThis suit gave me lift like I just walked out of a top plastic surgeon’s office.

The suit was supportive. I didn’t have to yank the straps up into a tight knot like I usually do with triangle bikinis. I felt like I could actually breathe, and still had the support I needed. Beyond that, I was shocked because I was dreading the feeling of the padding, but the suit felt like there wasn’t even any padding there. The padding was soft, and my breasts looked naturally-lifted.

It’s safe to say that I’m probably not going back to another brand after finding Voda. It had everything: comfortable support, a variety of styles, and boosted my confidence like three shots of Smirnoff in college.

Author Bio: Ashley exited the womb into this life with a fierce love for food, theatre, and breaking socially-constructed gender-norms in the dating scene. She graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelors in English, concentration in professional writing, and minors in journalism and classical voice. Some of her experience includes interning for FashInvest (now Women’s Wear Daily) and award-winning food critic, Craig LaBan.  Ashley started writing professionally the summer before her senior year of college, and has written about topics such as fashion, food, law, music, entrepreneurship, beauty, fitness, health, and even ghostwrites.  When she’s not writing or singing at funerals, Ashley’s covering her kitchen in homemade pasta and taking care of her fish, Fish.  Ashley could not be more excited to be a part of the AMFAM team.