Problems are part of almost everyone’s life. But it seems that some people can handle a difficult situation better than others. What’s more, they have no super skills-  they just look at the situation through the prism of happiness instead.

Once my little world collapsed when it turned out that my life-long friend envied me and was happy with all my troubles all this time. I still remember this sticky feeling of total disappointment. But fortunately, I already know how to look at this situation from a positive position.

In my journey of self-discovery and personal growth, I came across a powerful tool known as strengths cards that has been a valuable tool for me in helping me to cope with difficult situations. They served as a catalyst for self-reflection and helped me regain confidence in myself, allowing me to navigate through difficult situations with renewed strength and optimism.

To some, this situation may seem like a trifle, but at that time it seemed to be a real tragedy. However, it became an opportunity to understand how to live difficult moments with internal happiness in mind and why it is worth doing this.

Difficult Times are the Opportunity to Get New Knowledge

Most people tend to see “difficult situations” as direr than they are. But the feeling of happiness allows you to look at things soberly and not aggravate the situation. Try to perceive difficult times as an opportunity to gain new knowledge, and sometimes even as a new opportunity in life.

Perhaps betrayal of a loved one can be an opportunity to help others and start making money. What if you try to grow from a difficult period in your life? For instance, you can create a blog where you can teach others how to deal with a difficult situation. First, it will allow you to release emotional stress, help others get through a difficult time, and even get an extra income. You can find more in lifestyle blogs

The feeling of happiness allows not only to get through the situation easily but also to gain new knowledge and opportunities as a result of the “difficult period of life”.

Always remember that our restless mind is capable of creating problems that do not exist. Always remember that bad times won’t seem so bad very soon. All this will seem trivial and in some cases even funny.

Feeling Happiness Breeds Perspective

When a person is faced with a difficult moment, it resembles a swamp in which you are sinking with every step. Every negative thought and experience about the situation provokes more and more negativity, and at some point, it feels like an avalanche that’s impossible to stop.

The mathematical rule when minus and minus gives you a plus does not work. That is, if you think negatively, then be prepared to get the same negativity in response. But if you start looking at the problem through the projection of happiness, you momentarily block negative streams and redirect your thoughts to find a positive outcome.

As soon as I thought that now there would be no hypocrites in my life, I met really good friends.

Happiness Brings Feeling of Freedom

The inner feeling of happiness, regardless of the difficult or successful period of our life, gives us freedom. Especially, freedom from expectations in relation to other people, their reactions, and surprises that life can present. When you do not expect anything, but simply live in the here and now (we will talk about this later), then difficult times do not become too difficult – these are just times that you need to go through in order to gain new knowledge. The same goes for people and their behavior.

Initially, I shouldn’t have expected too much from my former friend, but it seemed to me that we are kindred souls forever. If I hadn’t raised him to such a high rank, betrayal would not have been so painful.

Happiness Lets You Get in The Moment

After an unpleasant event in life occurs, it can haunt a person for years. This is just our game. We deprive ourselves of the opportunity to get rid of bitter memories and enjoy life. People tend to replay the situation and reflect on it how their life could have developed if this had not happened.

Most people mistakenly believe that this is an opportunity to avoid a similar situation in the future. But while you are reflecting on the past, life, which can give you new positive emotions, just passes you by.

Experiencing a situation through happiness allows a person to stay in the present moment. Life goes on here and now, not yesterday or tomorrow. Unwillingness to be here and now prevents a person from getting new opportunities and finding real happiness.

Happiness Has No Room for Complaints

The difficult situation is aggravated by complaints that are very difficult to avoid. Every time you talk about your bitter experience or difficult situation, you only exacerbate what is happening. Although many people mistakenly believe that this allows you to relieve emotional stress.

On the one hand, it may, but complaints and memories make you return to the bitter experience and relive it on an emotional level. Thus, we get a vicious circle.

  • Complaining takes away the possibility of happiness. 
  • Feelings of happiness can destroy complaints. 

The only one who can break this circle is yourself. Stop the flow of complaints and you will immediately feel a little happier. Focus your attention on the opportunity to reboot your life and stop perceiving a difficult situation as a total collapse of your life.

Achieving happiness is a difficult and simple job at the same time. In difficult times, start by being grateful for what you have. Next, try to stop the flow of negative thoughts and look at the situation from a different angle. Focus on opportunities, not obstacles, and then difficult times will be just temporary challenges, but nothing more.

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