Substance abuse disorders are on the rise and it’s important to be informed about these diseases. Substance abuse disorders can affect anyone, but they often go untreated due to a lack of knowledge on how to combat them. This article will explore six key points you need to know about substance abuse disorders and how they can affect your life if left untreated.

1. Drug And Alcohol Addiction Is Treatable

There is no shame in getting the help you need for drug or alcohol addiction. Substance abuse disorders can be treated successfully with an approach tailored specifically to your needs. Rehab centers offer numerous types of treatment options ranging from detox care, behavioral therapy, and various other forms of counseling that can help you get your life back together before it’s too late. These treatments will allow you to heal both physically and mentally so you don’t have any more excuses about why not seek help for these issues. Even if you are dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction right now, there is hope for you to get your life back on track. You can find true happiness without substances because it’s possible to live a good life once again. Don’t give up before trying everything in your power to recover from substance abuse disorders, no matter how dire the situation may look at this moment. As stated on, it is possible to overcome an addiction, and asking for help is totally worth it.

Professional inpatient care programs will help you stay motivated and keep your mind focused on the progress you make. Apart from that, they can also provide support with other things such as finding employment, getting involved in community activities, and attending therapy sessions, or 12-step programs to name a few. People from all around the U.S. capital are opting for professional addiction treatment in Washington DC as it’s the fastest way to help you get your life back on track and begin the recovery process. When you try going through this on your own, it can be incredibly difficult and the chances of success are far lower than with professional inpatient care.

2. Substance Abuse Can Be A False Sense Of Happiness

People who abuse substances often do so to escape from the reality of their lives. They may feel as if they don’t have anything worthwhile going for them and thus use drugs or alcohol as a temporary crutch. Substance abusers may also use drugs out of peer pressure, even though they know it’s not the right thing to do. Whatever their reasoning may be, it can provide a false sense of happiness that often leads to abuse and addiction.

3. It’s Not Always Obvious 

The person you know who abuses substances isn’t just a bad person – they might have a mental health disorder even if this is not obvious from looking at them. The National Institutes of Health estimates that about 20 percent of adults in the United States have some sort of mental illness and 10 percent suffer from a serious mental illness. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration report 25 million Americans needed but didn’t receive treatment for drug or alcohol use, including 19 million who suffered from substance use disorders during 2014 alone.

4. May Lead To Severe Mental Illness

If a person suffers from a mental illness and uses a substance, then they will need to get help for both issues. Often when one issue is treated, the other goes untreated and can lead to harmful consequences. It’s important that if someone has a mental illness, they seek treatment before using any type of drug or alcohol to avoid exacerbating their sickness. This is especially true if the drugs being used are addicting or have high chances of leading to addiction.

5. Substance Abuse Is A Mental Health Issue

In many cases, substance abuse occurs due to another form of mental health disorder such as anxiety, depression, or trauma among other reasons. Since this is often a symptom of a larger problem, it may be difficult for substance abusers to seek treatment because they feel as if their entire lives are falling apart. It’s important to remember that there are many programs, including inpatient rehab centers, outpatient centers, and intensive outpatient programs available to help.

6. A Change In Lifestyle Is Necessary To Recover

Avoid substance abuse by getting treatment now. If you are seeking help for drug or alcohol addiction at a rehab center, then you will learn new coping skills to deal with life’s difficulties. This lifestyle change involves becoming more active and making better decisions on how to spend your time so you aren’t tempted to use it again out of boredom or frustration. The best way to avoid substance abuse is through education about its harmful effects, as well as programs that allow addicts the chance to get sober and regain their lives back before it’s too late. Our society needs people who can contribute positively, not ones who feel like they need drugs or alcohol just to get by day-to-day. 

People who abuse substances often do so to escape from the reality of their lives. They may feel as if they don’t have anything worthwhile going for them and thus use drugs or alcohol as a temporary crutch. Substance abuse disorders affect a large portion of our population and will only continue to increase without proper treatment. Substance abuse is more common than most people realize, but there are ways for addicts to get clean and sober through programs that will change their lives forever.