It is easy to confuse being frugal with being stingy.  Embracing a frugal lifestyle shows that you know the value of your hard-earned money, and you are mindful when spending it. 

Below are 5 thrifty tips that you could try to live a frugal and financially stable lifestyle:

Manage Your Food Budget

Consider having a meal plan and stick to it to avoid eating out frequently. To reduce the cost of groceries, growing your own spices and vegetables would be a great idea. Add more meatless options to your meal plan by substituting them with cheaper sources of protein. If you must eat out, check out your favorite joint’s weekly ads and use the available discounts to save money.

Reduce Transportation Costs

If your workplace is not too far away, consider walking there. Pick a day and cover all your errands. Clean your car to save on car wash charges. If you must use your car daily, drive well and ensure you service it frequently to avoid costly damages. When booking flights, do it early enough to get discounts and consider booking on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Save On Shopping

Create a shopping list of things you actually need by removing unnecessary items. Check online stores for discounts and cheaper options on your list before heading to the physical stores. Whenever you feel like buying an expensive item like a television, give yourself a month to research the market’s best prices. This period also allows you to see if you really need to make the purchase.

Save On Clothing

Check out thrift stores online for cheap second-hand clothes and great discounts. If you want warm clothing, buy them during the hot season when they are not on demand. Learn basic stitching skills to avoid spending at the tailor shop. For big events that demand fancy clothes, consider hiring instead of buying, especially if you might not get to wear them again. You can also exchange clothes with your friends by doing wardrobe hauls. Consider selling clothes that are still in good shape. Treat your clothes well to increase durability by avoiding too much detergent and following fabric care instructions.

Reduce Medical Bills

Health and wellness become costly if you do not take good care of yourself. Ensure you attend all your routine checkups and incorporate meditation and exercises to keep your physical and mental state in check. Get enough sleep and avoid caffeine or alcoholic drinks. Brush your teeth, and do not forget to floss. In case you catch common colds, avoid over-the-counter prescriptions and substitute with DIY remedies that you can make with available ingredients. 

In conclusion, it is advisable to try each thrifty tip at a time. Once you have felt the tip’s experience, look at the results by checking how much you have saved. If you like it, make it a habit and slowly watch yourself save money that you could use to improve the quality of life you live.