The weather during winter is no joke. You have to invest in extra layers of jackets and sweaters to make yourself comfortable in the cold weather season. While these winter clothes make you comfortable and cozy, these clothes are daunting to wash and dry.

It is essential to know some tips for caring for winter clothes to help them last, and you can reuse them in the next winter season. 

Wear More than Once

The same with jeans; you can re-wear your winter clothes a couple of times during the winter season. Wash them when they have a foul odor or stain. Rewearing winter clothes not only keep you from visiting premium laundry services in NYC but also extends the lifespan of your clothes too. 

Always Check Wash Tag on Winter Clothes

This is a standard tip in the laundry. Always check the wash tag on the clothing to ensure you provide the right care for your winter clothes. Most wash tags instruct you to hand wash the clothes. However, some clothes are washable by machine. You will know what’s best for the clothes if you read the tag. 

Do not use powder detergents if the clothes are compatible with machine wash. Use mild liquid detergent and cold water for their wash cycle. Do not wring the winter clothes dry; it will distort the fibers. 

Hand Wash Delicate Winter Clothes

Most of the delicate winter clothes are hand-knitted sweaters and scarves. If you include them in the washer, expect damages. These types of winter clothes are best to hand wash. Unlike the hand washing process of regular clothes, this does not involve harsh twists and rubs. You have to be gentle handling these winter clothes as their materials are easy to break. 

Treat Stains Immediately

Any clothes are prone to stains, and winter clothes are not excluded from this narrative. Winter clothes are often vulnerable to coffee, wine, and hot chocolate stains. Treat the stains immediately to prevent the stain from becoming stubborn if this happens. 

Store Winter Clothes Properly

As seasons change, so as your wardrobe. You have to put away your winter clothes and prepare for the next season. It is important to know how to store your winter clothes properly to extend their life. 

Put away your winter clothes in a cool and dry place that’s away from sunlight. A humid place can cause mold to your winter clothes. Moreover, do not cram your winter clothes on a shelf it will result in losing their shape. Stack your winter clothes in an adequate space.

Do not forget to place mothballs in the storage with your winter clothes. It prevents pests from pestering your clothes.

You can avoid frequent trips to the nearest laundry service during the winter season by wearing an extra layer of clothes under your sweater or winter clothes. A shirt helps keep your sweater or top layer of winter clothes clean, so you do not have to wash them often.