There’s no denying that traveling is an integral part of a model’s life. It brings many exciting opportunities and experiences, and while the glamour and allure of jetting from one fashion capital to another is impressive, it can take its toll on a model’s health and well-being.

Despite hectic work schedules, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a must. Fortunately, there are several simple tips and tricks that any model can follow to help them shine on, and off, the catwalk.

Take a look at the following five inspirational suggestions and ideas below:

1. Pack Travel-Friendly Essentials

Mastering the art of packing is just as crucial as pulling off your performance on the catwalk. You must balance packing a travel-friendly wardrobe with making space in your suitcase for other essentials.

For example, essentials such as feminine products, hormone balance supplements, and prescription medication should also have dedicated space in your suitcase amongst your clothes and beauty products.

2. Improve Your Nutrition On The Go

One challenging aspect of spending so much time on the road is related to nutrition. Models have such packed schedules, making it easy to give in to junk food temptation! However, you can easily overcome it with a bit of planning and know-how.

Small snack boxes filled with fruit and nut mixes or protein bars are a good place to start. And when you’re buying food on the go, try to opt for the healthiest choices, such as meals with salads and fruit.

3. Drink Water When You’re Thirsty

Leading a busy life and juggling complex work schedules is thirsty work, and that’s why you must never ignore your body when it tells you that you’re dehydrated.

Consider carrying a reusable water bottle with you at all times so you can hydrate yourself at any time. Also, limit your intake of diuretics like coffee – especially when you’re about to head out onto the catwalk.

4. Stick To A Good Sleep Regime

It’s unlikely that a model with a busy work schedule will have regular sleep patterns each night. Traveling between time zones, working long hours and staying up until the early hours can wreak havoc on your mental sharpness.

Still, there are some things you can try to help you get enough sleep each night. For instance:

  • Avoid screens before bed;
  • Stick to a routine – even when in different time zones;
  • Learn to relax through techniques like deep breathing exercises before sleeping.

5. Learn A Few Simple Exercises

Lastly, you can still keep in shape within the confines of your hotel room. How? By following a few simple exercises!

Examples include:

  • Bodyweight Squats;
  • Incline Push-Ups;
  • Tricep Dips.

It’s worth checking YouTube for some inspirational exercise ideas. Also, it’s a good idea to get some fresh air and go for walks around the vicinity of your hotel.

Final Thoughts

The above five travel tips for busy models aren’t a complete list of what you can consider. However, they do illustrate some of the best examples that make a real difference and won’t interfere with busy schedules!