With Hallowe’en out of the way and Christmas looming on the horizon, the rest of the year is set to fly by. In a matter of weeks, we’ll be into 2024. But before that happens, there’s still plenty of opportunity to squeeze in just one more overseas trip.

But exactly which parts of the world are worth visiting at this time of the year?

Southern California

If you’d prefer a festive period without all of the associated snow, then you might take a trip to California. It’s the entertainment capital of the world, with the biggest stars of the biggest screens making their living here.

You can tour the city and take a look at where the rich and famous live, take a look at the Hollywood Sign, and stroll along the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame. And that’s before we even mention the appeal of Disneyland.


German Christmas markets are now a fixture of cities throughout the UK. But if you want the authentic German market experience, it makes sense to take a trip to Germany. There are dozens of city breaks we might consider. In Nuremberg, there are more than two-hundred small vendors plying their various wares. In Dresden, the focus is firmly on stollen, with the city’s market square providing an excellent view of the nearby River Elbe.


Again, Italy is sure to appeal to those looking for a slightly sunnier winter experience. The experience of major cities like Rome and Venice is slightly different at this time of year – but the crowds are sparser, which tends to mean that you’ll get a better view of the amazing architecture. If you’d like to check out the coastline, then a trip via P&O cruises makes a lot of sense. You can check out Amalfi, Orosei, and Salento, all on the same trip.

Jeju Island

It could be that you’d prefer an entirely different experience. Jeju Island, off the coast of South Korea, is a big draw for newlyweds in the Far East, thanks to a sprawling national park, the country’s highest mountain, and the world’s longest lava tube. For those with an appetite for the outdoors, this is a place to visit at least once. So why not make the trip this winter?

The Lake District

If your budget is under pressure, or you’d simply like to keep things local, then you might instead consider a last-minute trip to the Lake District. Over the years, it’s provided inspiration to William Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter, and a host of other great literary minds. With stunning likes, amazing hiking trails, and spectacular countryside drives, there are few better places to spend the winter!