By Jessica Frost

I don’t know about you but the cold mornings and dark evenings of winter tend to encourage me to do everything but go outside. I mean seriously, does anybody actually like the rain? No, no they don’t. That’s why, when I came across this model approved workout that you can do from the comfort of your cosy living room, I was hooked.

It starts with leg crunches – sitting on the edge of your couch, lift your legs with knees bent into an upside down V shape in front of you, straighten them out until they are horizontal with the floor then bring them back in again and repeat. Rest your hands just behind your hips for balance.

Then to climbers – stand facing, just under your body length back, then rest your hands on the couch so your body is stretched out at a right angle to the floor. Using alternate legs each time, bring your knee up toward your chest and back again and feel that burn in your butt.

Next up is dips – stand with your back to the couch then squat down to rest your palms on the edge of the couch. Then dip you but down to the ground, making sure to keep your back straight and in line with the couch, so that your engage your arms when pushing yourself back up. Where your feet are positioned will determine the difficulty of this one. Start with legs at a right angle and then you can gradually increase to having your legs out straight in front of you as you dip as you progress.

Finish up with half squats – standing with your back to the sofa and feet shoulder width apart, hold your arms out straight in front of you and squat until you are sitting on the sofa. Stand back up and repeat, simple as that!

Do three sets of 20 reps each exercise for a mini workout that will have you feeling fine without having to freeze your butt off in the chilly morning air. Best part is, no one will be around to judge you for working out in your Pj’s. Score!