LED light therapy is one of the most prevalent, non-invasive skin treatments these days. It is basically the most effective in treating skin acne, wounds and sun damage problems.  This technology was developed by Dr Finsen.  LED light therapy has been used for more than 40 years for medical purposes. It has managed to undergo many clinical trials and prove its effectiveness.

LED therapy is also known as light-emitting diode therapy. By varying wavelengths of light, it is effective to repair skin problems. Obviously, this kind of technique can’t competed with the effectiveness of actual plastic surgery. The advantage lies in the fact that it is more natural and much cheaper.

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What is LED Light Therapy?

The light treatment came to cosmetology from general medical practice less than ten years ago.  In the medical world, this is a very short period by the standards of medicine.  

As you might guess, in LED therapy they are treated with light rays, but not simple ones.  LED light therapy is from a specific spectrum. Light (blue, red, green – as prescribed by the beautician) hits the skin and causes a reaction in the cells.

It sounds like a miracle, but everything is confirmed by science! A lot of research has been carried out, and so far scientists tend to believe that point-like light is even useful. Its effectiveness is not enough to remove acne or restore youthfulness to the skin. So light therapy is prescribed as a procedure that accompanies something more serious.

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How Does LED Therapy Work on Your Skin?

LED therapy is the effect of light waves of different lengths on the skin. The skin, in turn, absorbs light and converts it into heat energy.

At the same time, real miracles take place in the skin cells.  All affected, weak, dead tissues are destroyed and are gradually replaced by new young cells. LED therapy is absolutely painless and, most importantly, acts only as an immunostimulatory of the epidermis: all regenerative processes in skin cells occur naturally.

What is a safety fact about LED therapy on your skin?

Since LEDs contain UV light, it does not like other types of phototherapy. It is medically proven you can use it regularly.  It is also safe for all skin types and colors because it does not burn compared to other anti-aging treatments such as laser therapy and skin-stripping.

However, when you are taking Accutane with your acne or skin rash, you should not use LED light therapy. It may have side effects like inflammation, rash, and redness.  Although it happens in rare cases, the negative effects of inflammation on the skin are countless and ultimately accelerate aging.

Therapy is usually recommended to take a course: 1-2 sessions per week for a month or two. The effect can be noticeable immediately.

In recent years, with the advance of technology, quite a few gadgets have appeared on the market for use at home. Now it is no longer necessary to leave impressive sums with a beautician, and you can do it at your home.