If you have a skincare routine that’s not working and are breaking out severely, you may have sensitive skin. About 70 percent of women and 60 percent of men say they have sensitive skin. We’re only human, and we try everything we can get our hands on to try to fix our skincare routine, hoping it won’t irritate our skin when we’re wearing makeup. Here are some makeup tips for people with sensitive skin.

Use Stainless Steel Beauty Tools

If you’re starting out with makeup, it’s a good idea to test your skin before applying the product or using certain types of beauty tools. For those with skin sensitivity, use stainless steel because it doesn’t rust as fast as other metals, and they’re easier to clean. It’s actually easier to take care of stainless steel tools compared to other metals that corrode fast.

Use a Makeup Setting Spray

Even for photoshoots, sensitive skin can be challenging to manage if you’re in a rush to get a session done. Instead of using finishing powder, try a setting spray since it holds makeup better and will last longer. Spray about ten inches from your face, and don’t spray too much, only a few spritzes to help set the makeup and boost the moisture on your face.

Use Products That Have a Creamy Texture

If you’re prone to dry skin, stay far away from powder products: this includes compact powders, dry eye shadows, and classic blushes. They tend to crack over time and can irritate your sensitive skin, making a recipe for disaster. Choose makeup products with a creamy texture, such as a BB cream. These are great for healing the skin with hydration and adding a natural glow. Cream and fluid blushes, highlighters, and foundations are also excellent choices. 

Use a Hydrator for a Base

You may also want to try a makeup primer, which is easy to apply to your face upon moisturizing. Put the primer on before your foundation, and hydration will prep the face, lifting color to the front. Using a primer will also help your makeup stay on all day.

Deep Clean (Moisturize) Your Skin

You should practice proper moisturizing and deep cleaning every day, especially if you wear makeup often. This vital step will help prevent acne, scars, and dry skin from appearing. Also, once or twice a week, exfoliate your skin. By applying small amounts, you’ll hydrate and prep your face for the week.

By following a strict daily routine and these makeup tips for people with sensitive skin, you will see a vast improvement in yourself. Don’t worry about other products; focus on the ones that’ll help your skin, not harm it.