The start of the year is a great time to set goals for the coming 12 months and think about what we want to keep the same and what we’d like to change in our lives. 

While we often focus on career, health, and relationship goals in January of each year, now is also a great time to think about giving yourself a new look. You might, for instance, want to refresh your style. 

Start by Clearing Out Your Closet

The first step that will help you mix things up a bit is to clear out your closet. If you want to rejuvenate your fashion choices, it’s helpful to get a clear idea of what you already own and what you love or can happily part with. Saying goodbye to pieces you no longer wear, that don’t fit properly, have become too worn or damaged, or the like will give you more mental freedom to start afresh and the physical space you need to buy some new pieces. 

Get Inspiration 

If you know you want to refresh your style but aren’t quite sure how to go about doing this, be on the lookout for inspiration to help you. For example, think about those in your life whose style you admire and pay attention to how they dress and what you can take from that. Also, do some people-watching on the streets when you walk or as you sit and have coffee, etc., to see how people put their looks together. 

You can also get plenty of ideas from browsing magazines and blogs and social media sites like Instagram for fashion inspiration. Take a note of the outfits, colors, styles, and other factors you notice and like, and then look through your wardrobe to see if you can create similar looks. 

Test Out Some New Trends

New trends come along every season, which means you always have some new fashion options to test out. Happily, many low-cost stores and designers create on-trend pieces, so you don’t have to outlay hundreds or thousands of dollars to jump on board a specific look. You might like to update your wardrobe with new 2022 trends such as preppy sweater vests, pearl-encrusted pieces, statement cut-outs, pleated skirts, crochet creations, and joyful, colorful clothing that screams positivity. 

Try Different Colors and Styles

Another way to say hello to a new fashion you is to try things you haven’t before. If you usually wear a lot of black and other neutral colors, for instance, consider adding more bright, colorful shades to your closet. If you normally cover up your arms and shoulders, consider some off-the-shoulder tops or fun halter-neck dresses, or if you typically wear a lot of form-fitting pieces, you could switch to some more flowey, loose items for a change of pace. 

For those who often dress more professionally or formally, you could have fun by starting to wear some unique graphic tees with jeans or skirts to come across a little more casually, or see how you feel wearing higher or lower heels than usual. Be open to testing out new ways of dressing that you haven’t tried before, but that might suit you more than you think and give you the pep in your step you’ve been looking for. 

Give Yourself a Weekly Fashion Challenge

We all often have good intentions of changing up our look but find it tough to commit to when we’re comfortable in our normal garb and get busy with work and other jobs and forget to plan out how we might trial new looks. As such, you might like to focus on having a change by setting yourself a weekly fashion challenge. 

For example, assign one day per week where you have to wear a certain color, trial a new shape of clothing, wear a particular print, or combine your current clothing pieces in new and innovative ways. This will encourage you to look at what’s in your closet in fresh ways and help you rediscover and start wearing forgotten goods or those you hadn’t felt confident enough to venture out in before. 

Play Around with Accessories 

You can also get out of your wardrobe rut by considering which accessories you normally wear and playing around with new and different ones or using what you have in creative, novel ways. Spice up and diversify your closet affordably and efficiently by utilizing jewelry, shoes, bags, scarves, hats, scarves, and other pieces. 

It’s best to opt for one statement piece per outfit, such as a look-at-me bag, pair of killer heels, or your favorite pair of long, dangly earrings. Alternatively, layer more delicate accessories to get an interesting look. 

These are some of the key ways you might like to refresh your style this year. If you get stuck, though, be open to hiring a specialist to work with you for a period, as the advice and expertise a stylist can provide can be invaluable.